Sony's Nasne Release Delay Due To Broken Hard Drives

''SCE has issued a statement regarding the delayed release of the Nasne peripheral. The company says that the internal 500 gigabyte hard drive in some units were damaged during shipment from the factory. The damage occurred after quality assurance tests had been conducted, so Sony has to reinspect all units.''

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Pushagree2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

This is the difference between Sony and Microsoft. MS would have released his with the broken HDD if it were thiers. It's a shame how such a dishonest company is so successful. Guess that's the only way to succeed in this world.

dazzrazz2314d ago

Oh noes like most of fat PS3 units did not die from shitty blur ray drive lenses or YLOD

Best2314d ago

Yep, it's official, QA is out the door with Sony.

justpassinggas2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )


It has been shown countless times that the RROD defect was inherent to every 360 that was released in at least the first two years of production. The product was broken right out of the box. It was of pandemic proportions. On the other hand, the YLOD is not as infamous as the RROD simply because it hasn't happened at nearly as big a scale as the RROD. I still have my phat PS3 and it is working perfectly fine. Can't say that about the 360 for myself or for any of my friends who have all had to get replacements for their original 360s at least 3 times and a few just outright bought the newer version to save them the hassle!

cstyle2314d ago

That maybe true but at he same time, sony can't really afford to handle the fallout from faulty hardware. They can't afford to pay out a billion dollars the way a cash rich corp like ms or apple can.

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WeskerChildReborned2314d ago

Oh well that's reasonable but wow that's bad luck that they decide to break down before it was about to launch lol.

IHateYouFanboys2314d ago

i dont understand why it doesnt have a removable HDD, yet you can plug in external HDDs? if youre going to make it a NAS, make it a NAS instead of just half-arsing it. a NAS with 500gb is completely pointless.

limiting the streaming of PlayTV/Torne to only Sony devices is also a typical sony BS move. why not let the 10s of millions of iOS/android device owners stream it?

skrug2314d ago

funny how u mention iOS