The SNES is the greatest console of all time

CNET's technology columnist Don Reisinger:

"Over the past few months, I decided to go back in time and relive the days of old. Instead of wasting my day doing things that just weren't productive, I decided to get all of my old consoles out (NES, Genesis, SNES, 3DO, 32X, Sega CD, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Playstation 1 and 2 and the Nintendo 64) to finally make the decision on which console is truly the best of all-time (so far).

And while the decision was a difficult one -- it's tough to beat Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros. -- it seemed almost too simple to declare the SNES the greatest console of all-time.

When it comes to gaming, most people will claim (and rightfully so) that Nintendo has been a trailblazer in the industry. Without the company having the courage to bring video games back to the states in the '80s, the chances of us enjoying this multi-billion dollar industry would be slim."

Don Reisinger explains why the NES, Genesis or PlayStation is not the greatest console of all time. He then tells us what's so great about the SNES.

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BloodySinner3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

I had more fun with the Nintendo 64... Oh well.

EDIT: What the hell is there to disagree with? What a stupid site this is.

kevoncox3740d ago

Lol... What idiots.
Of course the snes is the greatest rpg of all time...

best games, best hardware and best games...
Everything you can say about the PSX or N64 is beaten by the snes...

FF7?? lol
Try crono trigger!

Try Streetfighter, MK2, Final fight, DBZ!

Try any metroid, mario or othe rplatformer during this time....

battle toads, Final fight, TMNT TIT, TMNT the fighting game.
Xmen: Mutant appocolips.

Mega man X
Mario kart

Greatest console ever. It buries the psx or the ps2.
Long live the king!

TheTwelve3740d ago

Chrono Trigger? Get outta here, man...that game didn't do anything for the RPG market like FF7 did. You don't see petitions for a Chrono Trigger remake (well, not as many), nor do you see official Chrono Trigger spin-offs, movies, sequels, etc.

I love Street Fighter, but who did more for the kind of fighting games that we're still playing today and sell the best? TEKKEN. Look how excited people are about the next Soul Calibur, and compare that to what people are saying about the next Street Fighter. I can't believe you even mentioned DBZ seriously.


mikeslemonade3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

You have to be a blind bot to not think PS2 is not the best console ever made. PS2 is the reason why so many people are into gaming right now. SNES sold 40 million and gaming was seen to be a toy for kids. CNET you're retarded.

Best systems:

kevoncox3740d ago

How old are you kids?

I'm 25 and to answe your questions...
1) Crono trigger will always be the king of all rpgs.
It offered multiple story lines, multiple endings, team based battle system.

The reason a FF7 remake is wanted is because it look slike crap now. 2-d games are still playable in their form. However, early 3-d games are borderline un playable.

I didn't even mention LOZ: a link tot he pastm, Mario RPG, Secret of mana.

Are you kidding me? Tekking isn't even the king of the 3d fighters. It's a decaying franchise and it helpped kill 3-d fighters. look at the fighting genre.

Face it... It was a better time.

Bonsai12143740d ago

kevon, i think a lot of people here started playing games after the year 2000. they don't remember the good times, with genesis and snes fighting it out.

kevoncox3740d ago

I know right...
Remember when Game genie was the sh*t..
I wanted 1 so bad...
I remmeber the arguments over MK genesis vs. snes.
Blood vs graphics? Then MK2 came out and all was right with the world.

Back then people had a reason to be a fanboy. Mostly everyone had only 1 console. Now a days. 2 consoles is a requirement.

mikeslemonade3740d ago

F you SNES fanboys! If there wasn't a PS2 there wouldn't be a xbox or xbox 360.

TheTwelve3739d ago


I'm 29.

So there.

My first system was a COLECO VISION, in 1984.

And I stand by my words. It wasn't a "better time". Don't get me wrong, it was great. But the best time is now and it's only getting better and better.


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Winter47th3740d ago

I'd take the PSX over SNES anyday of the week.

TheTwelve3740d ago

Yeah, me too. And all because of Final Fantasy 7, really.


Xanatos3740d ago

But psx? come on ... Did you have a snes back in the day? Snes has endured the test of time, people installing Linux on the ps3 to emulate snes, people paying for games on the virtual console to play snes games, people hacking their psp's to play snes games ...

TheTwelve3740d ago

During the SNES heyday, I was a proud owner of a Sega Genesis.

"Genesis does what Nintendon't!!!"

Don't you remember? Those are the days before the internet when fanboys fought about their systems face to face like men. :)


darkside3740d ago

SNES for 2D and 3d for PS1. the reason PS1 is because it start the path for Sony to become King!

darkside3740d ago

I was a proud owner of a Sega Genesis.

Bonsai12143740d ago

hahaha 12. when fanboys fought face to face instead of over the internet. so true. if things were done like that today, the internet would be such a better place.

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Nugundam00793740d ago

The Snes IS the greatest console of all time. For me it was my first shot at videogames and since then has forever changed my life.No system has ever brought as much fond memories-Playing Top Gear with my dad(who still plays) Super mario World with my sister, breath of fire as my first RPG and playing my first megaman game(megaman X) It was just great and since then ive been playing all sorts of consoles and none have really brought back those feelings that I had when I growing up. Truly no other system can rule--Long Live The Super Nintendo entertainment System

Check out my blog! tell us what you think!!


joemomma3740d ago

Come on now we have been though this. Snes is #2 while ps2 is the best.

Chubear3740d ago

Yeah I'd have to say the NES is definitly more deserving to that than the SNES.


GIJeff3740d ago

PS2, PS1, genesis, N64, c64, gameboy, masterbation, snes if theres nothing better to do.

jk, but for reals, whatever console you had the most fun on is obviously your "best console eva!".

Ares843740d ago

To me it's the Playstation 1 so far!! me those where the days...the first time I saw those beautifull 3D graphics...Lara Croft and Kazuya Mishima, Crash, Croc, Snake,!! Great times!!