Borderlands 2 has twice the budget and manpower of the original, hopefully fewer bugs

IncGamers: Brian Martel, chief creative officer at Gearbox, has told IncGamers that the development of Borderlands 2 required double the money and double the number of people to create it in comparison to the first game.

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Hellsvacancy1973d ago

I dont remember any bugs for Borderlands, my playthrough was rather smooth

TOTALLY the opposite to Skyrim

Them_Bones1973d ago

Borderlands had a bug where it gave you non existent quests that couldn't be completed.
They were like STD's if you joined someone who had the bug you got it too.

Nimblest-Assassin1973d ago

Just got borderlands for 5 bucks on steam

and that sounds like nothing compared to the glitches I had in Skyrim

The Winterhold college quests shut me out, and I could not progress past the first mission... and inorder for me to join... I had to kill 10 guards, one of the students... flee the town, pay my fine

And then I could join the college

And thats just the tip of the iceberg.... break dancing dragons,walking with a sword stuck in my chest, so on

MySwordIsHeavenly1973d ago

Haha. I had the same problem. I couldn't get into Winterhold college. It was so stupid! One of the patches finally fixed it, but it sucked for the two months I couldn't do it.

palaeomerus1973d ago

I remember when hunting the fire skag and electro skag one of them spawned in the ground and could not be attacked which made me restart the quest and fight them both again.

ReservoirDog3161973d ago

Yeah I recently bought Borderlands to play with my friend....and the voice chat is broken. This many years after release. That alone makes me want to skip BL2. They cared so little about 1 so what makes me think they'd fix any problems with 2?

Fun game but meh. That was really disappointing.

Skate-AK1973d ago

What platform? I had it on PS3 and had no voice chat issues.

antz11041972d ago

Never had voice chat problems on xbox, and I've had it since release. Dont let that spoil you.

ApolloTheBoss1973d ago

Can someone explain to me why Farkas won't stop following me? Even when I tell him to leave my service?

Lvl_up_gamer1972d ago

The main issue with boarderlands was the weapon duping.

It was so easy to do and Gearbox didn't acknowledge it even after so many complaints.

It can still be done.

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Hassassin1973d ago

Yea I also didn't notice any big bugs... and I played it at lunch (while eating).

MySwordIsHeavenly1973d ago

I don't remember any bugs, oddly enough... I play it religiously on my PC now. I used to play it on PS3 every day, when it released. I don't recall bugs on either system. I imagine the 360 version was just as smooth, as well.


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Tonester9251973d ago

There's going to be many sleepless nights when this releases. lol

Bladesfist1973d ago

I don't remember any bugs either.

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