Joystiq- Rhythm Thief Review: Stolen heart

Joystiq, JC Fletcher - "Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure is something I wouldn't expect to find in 2012: It's a narrative-based rhythm game, with all original music and high production values. I didn't think anyone would make something like that these days.

In fact, with its colorful, bright rendition of Paris, its stylish character designs, and its simple gameplay, Rhythm Thief gives me a distinct "Sega" vibe. But not 2012 Sega – good Sega, when insane, cartoony experiments were the order of the day. Rhythm Thief is proof that, somewhere deep within Sega, an ember of the company's Dreamcast-era style remains.

Sure, there are some nagging issues keeping it from perfection, but even a little bit of unevenness in keeping with the Sega experience."

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