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For every modification which hopes to bring NCAA Football 13 one step closer to realistic simulation, there’s another which shirks steadfast realism.

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JRPGLuva2288d ago

Bullet time in NCAA? Max Payne would be proud.

madmad2288d ago

Can you still take your college player into Madden? I always thought that was cool.

RaptorMan2288d ago

Last I heard (on release day) it still wasn't confirmed.

I have NO idea why this is the case. C'mon EA!

sharpsword2288d ago

AT least they didn't have to redo the endings with this one.

CharmingMan2288d ago

Heisman sounds kind of cheap without vintage uniforms.

CharmingMan2288d ago

As college football games it's definitely better than average if you don't own a previous one. C is you do.