Are video games really ruining men?

Are video games and pornography working together to ruin guys? A report on CNN seems to think so, linking gaming to arousal addictions similar to pornography.

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NastyLeftHook02313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )


Men are ruining Games.

Ex: Devil May Cry

ATi_Elite2312d ago

I need to see Jessica Nigri in that Lollipop Chainsaw Sea Shell or Red School Girl outfit!

RAM-352313d ago

don't you see the new DMC game? it if full of men.

SybaRat2313d ago

I thought video games were ruining women because they can't possibly hope to match the anatomy of any in-game females without major surgical alterations.

WeskerChildReborned2313d ago

Ahaha you should check out most anime shows. Now that is what most women can't achieve without surgery.

CaptCalvin2313d ago

Same thing applies to men the men in video games.

scottd2313d ago

Were already ruined to began with, don't blame video games for that. Porn and Twinkies made me the man I am today ;)

Hicken2312d ago

Simple answer: no.

What's ruining men is making them increasingly irrelevant in the world. They're no longer fit to be fathers or husbands; women are taught that they're good for their money, and there's very little to dissuade them from thinking thus. A man who loses his job is less likely to get another one than a woman who lost hers at the same time, and in the event that he DOES get one, it will likely be after that woman has acquired a job. And while he's unemployed, the world looks at him as less than what a man should be.

Almost to a one, hobbies geared toward men are considered childish or immature(unless you're rich enough to have yachting as a hobby).

No, gaming is not ruining men; society is.

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