Possibility of The Elder Scrolls Online Coming To Consoles

Matt Firor, Zenimax Online Studios' head honcho recently sat down with GamesIndustry's James Brightman to discuss the future and vision of the new Elder Scrolls Online title.

In this interview, several interesting points were made on the topic of what devices the game would be developed for. When asked about the possibility of the game coming to consoles, he danced around the subject, not officially declaring the impossibility...

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SillyBeans2338d ago

I hope the team can pull this off. The consoles need an MMO success and I believe they do it.

WeskerChildReborned2338d ago

Yea would be pretty cool if they can do this.

ATi_Elite2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

I wouldn't be jumping for joy for a Elder's Scrolls Online console port!

from what I here it plays more like World of Warcraft than Skryrim.

Fallout Online looks to be a better choice!

SillyBeans2338d ago

The chance for Fallout Online to come out at all are much slimmer than Elder Scrolls Online

Eiffel2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

Except for the whole Fallout Online being canned thing after Bethesda got the full rights.

I'd rather not have a Fallout MMO, spare one good RPG franchise from another MMO disaster. But, possibly and most likely if Elder Scrolls Online bombs, we may not have to worry about Bethesda giving Fallout the same treatment.

Hellsvacancy2338d ago

If the combat is anythin like Skyrim count me out

SillyBeans2338d ago

IF you haven't seen anything about it the combat looks more like World of Warcraft than anything Elder Scrolls related.

ChunkyLover532338d ago

Wonder if they'll implement Kinect for the Xbox 360 version? It would be nice to use it instead of Hotkeys on a keyboard.

lastdual2338d ago

"Haven't ruled it out" = very remote, slim possibility.

They've made it clear that only the PC game is currently in development. I wouldn't hold your breath for a console port.

caseyjfer2338d ago

Its about time the technology caught up, and there's no better game to bring live online than a game that is based on an active console title, like the Elder Scrolls series.

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