BitMonster Games startup unveils a beautiful 3D iPhone game

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi interviews BitMonster Games founder Lee Perry about his startup's new iPhone game, Lili.

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acronkyoung2015d ago

I like the increased attention paid to iphone game development lately. I just hope they're also ported to PC, since I don't actually own an iphone.

roblef2015d ago

More likely to be ported to Android, I think. Do you have one of those?

acronkyoung2015d ago

Nope, haha. But I'm more likely to get an android phone the next time I upgrade. Not interested in an iphone after having to get my ipod repaired like 5 times already.

SybaRat2015d ago

iDevelopment is relatively gatekeeper-free...great opportunity for startups an indies.

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