70% of DC Universe Online audience play on PlayStation 3

Seventy per cent of players in Sony's free-to-play MMO DC Universe Online are playing the game via the PlayStation 3, according to SOE boss John Smedley.

Speaking to GamesIndustry International, the online gaming veteran said that Sony Online Entertainment and CCP have been able to prove that free-to-play gaming on Sony's console is a viable market, and one that's supported well through the PSN service.

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Emilio_Estevez2342d ago

That's pretty surprising to me.

princejb1342342d ago

i actually have a lot of friends on my friend list playing this
i been scared to play it because of the huge download size

Reverent2342d ago

The download size really isn't that bad especially if you have a newer model PS3 (Generally speaking since they come with a bigger HDD)

You should definitely give it a try. I mean, it is free.

Tony-A2342d ago

Unfortunately it took way too much space on my 160GB HDD (I never sold any games I bought this generation, so most game installs are still there) and had to delete it to make room for some game downloads.

My trial with this game was great, though! It's a really fun and addicting game.

sourav932342d ago

I play it more or less everyday. It's really fun AND it's free.

NastyLeftHook02342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

I could see why

Trophies are addicting

The Dualshock is a beast


Friends already on psn.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

or it could be the fact that pc users have choices?

just saying these player went elsewhere.

Also a lot of pc gamers didn't like the controls since it was made more for ps3 controller than m/k. Sure way to fail on pc.

I wonder if Planetside 2 will come to ps3.

TopDudeMan2342d ago

Well, yeah. That's the reason. PC gamers have other F2P MMO games.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )


And no Planetside 2 won't be on ps3. And honestly I think Dust will lose it's audience pretty fast. Those two games are far too complex for most console gamers. I was really excited about Dust but after seeing my buddy play the beta I have my doubts.

violents2342d ago

@ exgamerlegend

How is dust 514 too complex for console gamers? IF you game on a pc your smarter than me? I doubt that. I only game on my console because my girl goes to school online so i dont wanna fight over the computer with her. SO that makes me less inteligent than you. I cant understand the coplexities. Help me pc gamers make me understand.

Absolutley stupid. think before you talk dude.

ThanatosDMC2342d ago

Yup, i just got the Planetside 2 beta. They're doing a stress test so check your e-mails.

JsonHenry2342d ago

^^ This. We have other (better) choices. But I do think this is proof positive that the future of MMOs will include next gen consoles much more than they have to date.

Jazz41082342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Ps3 could not handle planetsde 2 with a 6 year old graphics card and only 1/2 gig of ram and people say the ps3 is a beast. I say the ps3 and 360 or ancient by todays gaming standards. Even smartphones and tablets are more advance then the ps3. To people saying ms will have NO pc 360 mmo that's a lie besides ff11 and huxley in korea they have Defiance coming to all areas. Preach on brother. Btw sony has not really even a half gig ram they split a 225 meg chip lol what a joke. The 360 is not much better but has more ram then the ps3 at 525 and its a solid chip. The ps3 couldn't even run windows 7 with that ram varaition and that's a strpped down version with no drivers.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2342d ago


Console games arent nearly as complex as pc mmo's. It has nothing to do with how smart you are but everything to do with the audience and the capabilities of the console. The dualshock 3 doesn't even have enough buttons to handle Planetside. I'm not saying that all console gamers won't like it, but there's prolly a really small market. Even DCUO had a simplistic design for consoles.

And for the record I don't even game on pc. I only game on ps3.

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Bolts2342d ago

There is no reason to play DCUO on the PC at all. The UI and controls are crap and the game will always be designed, or rather, limited by the console.

WeskerChildReborned2342d ago

I just find it easier to play on PS3.

NYC_Gamer2342d ago

F2p/ MMO could work on PC and PS3 and not 360 because of MS strict xbl policy

Iceman X2342d ago

Preach on brother, this is the reason why MS didn't get Dust 6514 or Final Fantasy 14. They got Final Fantasy 11 because they made a deal, they didn't want to make that deal again. Too bad....

Godmars2902342d ago

If FF14 doesn't work out on the PS3 it'll be because its it wont be F2P.

Though it will be interesting to see what the reaction to such a move wold be from the PC community.

ChunkyLover532342d ago

Its said that Lionhead Studios is working on a Fable MMO for the Xbox 720, also they are getting a free to play game on the current Xbox 360. They have relaxed a lot of the stricter issues. You still need to be vigilant though, cant let too many people into your inner structure, that could lead to potential hacking issues.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

I think Xbox 720 will have the most cross platform games.. Why?

Devs will now have the resources to create 360/720/PC games without breaking a sweat.

I can already download hydro thunder on pc from xbox live. I am on windows 8. Let hope for some core games when it officially comes out.

Qrphe2342d ago

Can you play the game on the PC then?
Do you need the console at all in this process?

rdgneoz32341d ago

And everyone is gonna love Windows 8 when it hits retail...

hkgamer2342d ago

what has the 360 and XBL policy got to do with this article?

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soljah2342d ago

let's put this on vita. now this would be something unique.

HeavenlySnipes2342d ago

but it was eating too much of my space with thouse 3gbn updates :(

I had InFamous 2 off PSN bought (15 gigs) at the time and wanted to download Dead Nation so I deleted it. My hero was around level 22 or so.

I wanted to download it again, but the initial download is 17 gigs and there were like 2-3 updates arou0nd that time (ranging 1-3 gigs). Probably more now. Would take like 48 hours to install lol

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