New IR4PS3 Promises Complete IR Control of PS3

According to Julie Jacabson at CEPro:
"Sony's failure to make the PlayStation 3 a CE-friendly device has boggled consumers and CE Pros alike.

It has also spurred many an innovator to create kludgy fixes using Bluetooth dongles and an array of IR work-arounds. has followed these innovations and has an excellent review of the latest: the IR4PS3 from a Canadian named "Ben." ..."

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DTClown3796d ago

My bluetooth remote functions perfectly, why do I need an infrared one?

Adamalicious3796d ago

Word. I'd rather have all my devices use bluetooth than IR anyway. Why shouldn't PS3 lead the charge. BTW - I love the PS3 remote, I use it for everything but games.

BrianC62343796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

I don't understand this story at all. Since when has the PS3 had a problem that needed a fix for the remote? I don't use my remote much but I have one and it seems to work. I can always just use my PS3 controller though if I want to.

Now I see it. These are people who can't leave well enough alone. They must hate having a bunch of remotes so they want all remotes to use IR instead of just Bluetooth. Then they can use a universal remote to control it. But those things just aren't that great. The PS3 remote has a lot of features on it anyway. Just use it and forget about this.

Real Gambler3796d ago

If you have a decent set-up, you have a HDTV, PVR, DVR, AMP, PS3 and you may have a VHS, HD-DVD player, and a few other toys. My HDTV has 6 inputs, all used. I also had to add a component switchbox, which give me 3 more inputs, all used as well.


I use a logitech harmony 880. One button, I watch tv. (PVR, TV, AMP turn on and everything is in the right input). Watch a movie? One button and my OLD dvd player turn on, tv swith input, amp switch input, and I'm all set.

But if I want to watch a BluRay movie, I push one button on my Harmony, and again, everything is set up well, TV, Amp, (while other unused appliance are turned off) but sure enough, I have to grab a second remote.

So sure, Logitech will come up eventuall with a dual function remote (blutooth and IR), but until then, I have to use two remote. I paid over $3000 for my equipment, it's not to fiddle around with multiple remotes. Would have cost $0.05 for an added IRled in the PS3.

If you don't see why you need such a remote, you're still playing in SD on a 26 inch tv with no surround! Sad.

MaJiKaLL3796d ago

all dese B**chs complaining about lack of infrared, not like there would be a universal remote that could have "all" the functionality of the bluetooth one, and thats if it could even recognise the ps3. Personally i find the ps3 remote amazing, i dnt even have to point at tv to change it, i mean common ppl. i wish more remotes were bluetooth. The future is Blu, including bluetooth!!


Planet earth is amaaaaaazin in bluray!!!

jmiscavish3796d ago

There are plenty of remotes that would have all the functionality. That's why they cost hundreds of dollars. If I'm dropping big bucks on a surround sound system and a universal remote. I want it to work with my blu-ray player, whether it be ps3 or otherwise. This was a serious oversight by Sony.

This is exactly why we need an infrared one. It's a pain in the butt having 5 remotes to control everything. I can't consolidate all my remotes because Sony didn't think to put in a IR sensor.

It'd be nice to have all the remotes work on bluetooth, but that would be expensive and unreasonable. All my other devices are IR, so I need IR remotes.

BrianC62343796d ago

So have two remotes. One for the PS3 and one for everything else. I could care less if the PS3 can't be added to a universal remote. I sure haven't seen this subject come up on PS3 forums. It must be more of a Blu-ray fan thing. For those people just buy a Blu-ray player then.

Bonsai12143796d ago

<3 bluetooth. my dad and cousins still point the controller at the ps3 when they try to fast forward or something in a movie. (my mom is technologically inept) i laugh at them...

neil_19803796d ago

its wierd but i still find the remote aiming in the direction of the tv...but i guess thats because im sat facing it so kind iof more natural to be aiming in that general direction lol

havent got a single bluray disc but find it great for playing streaming videos on my ps3 off my mediaserver... works very well