Gamestop USA Gaming Deals: July 18th – 24th, 2012 – PS3 3D Display For $199.99

The Amazing Spider-Man is already down by $10 this week at Gamestop and if you have already run out of money because of the Steam Summer Sale, you can get extra trade credit when trading towards Steam money.

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3dawg2339d ago

bestbuy have that ps3 tv for that price too

EVILDEAD3602339d ago

And I bought it for full price..yeah I'm a sucker..because a couple of days later they reduced the

But who cares..I still love it and definately couldn't recommend it more at this price


RXL2339d ago

you misspelled *porn

BringingTheThunder2339d ago

that joke was weak, disappointing and left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

BringingTheThunder2339d ago

figured it was a joke, so i replied with an equally sad joke

Cosmit2339d ago

I think this TV has a very high failure rate. Too bad. It seems like a great TV for its price.

longcat2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

yeah. there is a high failure rate. Most 3d monitors have a high failure/problem rate

Also its a highly reflective finish rather than a matte finish.

But at 200, worth the risk for me.

JoeReno2338d ago

I bought one at gamestop right before the 4th of july at this price. Its a very nice set. the 3D is quite nice aswell as the 2d image. Sound is decent for a flatscreen. Only real minus I can think of is that it has no remote in the box.

BigStef712339d ago

I got a question cuz im not too familiar with Tvs and wanted to get a new one. Is this Sony 3d monitor worth it or should I just wait till the price for the Sony Bravia 3d TV to become low?

TrendyGamers2339d ago

How much is the Bravia right now?

BigStef712339d ago

It depends on the size. The smaller ones I think are 500 but the larger ones go past 1000. If I wait ill just get one of the bigger bravias once they cost less than 1000

TrendyGamers2339d ago

I'd say wait, just because it sounds like you want a bigger TV.

BigStef712338d ago

Cool thanks for the advice plus I heard these 3d monitors are kinda crappy and have hardware failures allot

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