One Piece: Pirate Warriors Coming September 25th

Namco Bandai have revealed that One Piece will be making its way stateside on September 25th.

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Andreas-Sword2343d ago

yeah.. !!
the best One Piece game is coming to the PS3 :)
Day 1 buy!
Must Have!

r212343d ago

Agreed, one piece is awesome and this game will be as awesome as Oda was greatly involved with its development :D

Andreas-Sword2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

... and the official English site of One Piece: Pirate Warriors is launched:

grahf2343d ago

I find it humorous that our of all the Sony exclusives that have ever existed, this is the only game that has ever made me even consider buying a PS3! I won't though. =)

So Jealous!
Enjoy the game!