RapeLay: The Most Extreme Japanese Game Of All Time

'In a year where Iran and North Korea had made significant steps in the quest to become nuclear powers, something altogether more sinister was going on in Japan. The year 2006 saw the release of the most extreme and perverted game of all time, RapeLay' writes Andrew Alex-Raymond

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zeal0us2336d ago

There are Japanese hentai/eroge games far more extreme than Rapelay. Rapelay is just one of the ones that got translated and sold outside of Japan. Not only that but popular news networks did a segment on it. Plus it got remove from Amazon and banned from selling in some countries.

NewMonday2335d ago

They have games that make this look like a Mario game

ronin4life2335d ago

I'm not so sure that a stupid fetishist game is more dangerous or sinister than potentially dangerous rouge nations with public known beliefs of genocide gaining access to WMD's...

And remember, Postal is a murder simulator and made in the west(unlike other games where you kill people, pre meditated murder of innocence is the only thing you do in postal). Not much different, yet never criticized on such a scale.

Information Minister2335d ago

That was exactly my first thought. Rape is more "extreme and perverted" than murder or nuclear anihilation?!

I despise rape as much as anybody else, but that's some seriously twisted logic.

Qrphe2335d ago

Yet Japan has had significantly lower sexual assault rates than countries like Germany, Britain and the U.S. (specially the U.S.).

Anyone has the right to play and enjoy these games if they so wish so as long as no one gets hurt.

zeal0us2335d ago

I believe the rate is base on how many people report it(sexual assault/rape) not how much it happens.

If hardly any Japanese women report it then the rate can still be low seeing as you can't take data or make an accurate guess from nothing.