Kill Your Console - Build an Epic $400 Gaming PC

Kill Your Console - Build an Epic $400 Gaming PC - July 2012

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Psycho_PS3Truthh2342d ago

They try to kill the PS2 and yet its around as an immortal among gaming systems regardless of the existence of the new king the PS3 HAHA.

BanditGamer2341d ago

Honestly, I miss DarkSniper *vomits in mouth* this clown tries too hard.

decrypt2341d ago


Remind us what latest game is out on the PS2? or can you play your PS2 games on a new PS3? Will you be able to play PS3 games on a PS4?

Without paying for stuff like HD remakes or maybe Cloud gaming, you have no option but to either forget those old games or keep buying the old consoles.

Truth be told, there is only one platform that supports BC like no other and that is the PC. I could today play a 20 year old game if i liked, be it by emulation or whatever. Hell i could play any console game on the PC (except the PS3 or Xbox 360), asides those 2 any console game released in history can be emulated on PC. If anything companies like MS and Sony would like PC dead, they have their plastic boxes to try and achieve this. However the result is the same:

gaming platforms in respective years:

95-00 - N64, PS1, PC
00-05 - GC, Xbox, PS2, PC
05-12 - Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PC

See a constant there? everything else dies, PC keeps trucking along ;-)

insomnium22341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Umm.. you do need a new PC every now and then though. And you need a PS3 to play Valkyria cronicles for example. There's no substitute for that game.

I have all worthwile consoles at home and i can plug them in if i want to play Skies of Arcadia on DC or AVP on Atari Jaguar etc.

There is one game I don't know how to play on PC. It's called Oil Imperium. That's like THE BEST game ever in it's genre imo but my Amiga is kinda tired of running games.

I tried using some emulator but could not get Oil to work on PC. It can't be too complicated since I'm not that knowledgeble around PCs.

Playing Lords of the Realm is cool on PC but playing Oil on it would make PC just THAT much better for me.

JOHN_DOH2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

windows is in 90% of pcs in the world so I don't think microsoft want pc dead. pc games though, I'm sure they rather have xbox so they can monetize everything. sony develops games for pc though (SOE)

MmaFan-Qc2341d ago

i own a top notch gaming rig, but also have a ps3/360/wii/ps vita/3ds.

because you know, cant play nintendo/sony/ms exclusive games on my pc...and vice versa.

"Remind us what latest game is out on the PS2? or can you play your PS2 games on a new PS3?"

was playing Persona3 FES on my ps3 yesterday.

Clarence2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

PC will always be need because they are used for more than just gaming. The world is ran by computers. So they need constant updates of security graphic card, memory, ram, all types of drivers. Every time this is done its like getting a new computer. To be honest PCs should be upgrade every 4yrs.

So if you want to be honest the consoles last longer. Not only that developers games are selling more consoles, which is why more and more PC games are coming to consoles.

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h311rais3r2341d ago

That's ok you can keep payin 59.99 for your over rated 5 hour games. I'll keep paying 5-39.99 for games 8x longer and look better plus if I don't like something about a game I'll mod it out. If your ps3 is king then why does pc gaming bring in 18 billion a year without the inclusion of DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION? Please answer while I continue to play my vast selection of AAA free to play games such as tribes know a game so fast pace it's impossible to play on a controller.

nowheredan2342d ago

What? No. A Radeon HD 6670 is anything but "epic."

humbleopinion2341d ago

Compared to 7 year old console hardware it actually is...

DiRtY2341d ago

It will last at least 18 months! -.-

LackTrue4K2341d ago

this video is mostly just promoting.... -_-

On topic: i still can't get my self to play on a sucks, i get cramps in an hour or less.

FragMnTagM2341d ago

most games support game pads. Especially games that are on also on xbox and PS3.

LackTrue4K2341d ago

i tryed to find some drivers to use my ps3 controller on the laptop....didnt help (any links you recommend will help)
and another question, not all games support pads right?! i got Mass Effect 3 will that game play with a controller?!

Theo11302341d ago

That's strange, I'm planning on getting a 670 Gtx 4gb edition, and that alone cost close to $500 and somehow they found a way to make an "epic" pc for $400. I think I'm doing this pc gaming this wrong lol.

Convas2341d ago

Clearly. I'll have spent $1100 on my new Gaming rigs when all is said and done, and these guys would have be believe I can build a $400 PC that will crush my PS3 and Xbox 360?


FragMnTagM2341d ago

I paid just over 600 dollars for mine and have maxed every PC game I have thrown at it.

Intel i5
GTX 560ti
4gb DDR3
1tb HDD

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