Microsoft Xbox 360 Sales Fall 2.3% As 'Halo Effect' Fizzles

Information Week writes:

"Microsoft shipped 4.3 million Xbox 360 systems in the three months ended December 31, compared to 4.4 million systems during the same period in 2006."

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AngryHippo3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

This article is flamebait. Trying to obviously spark some sort of argument with the PS3 and 360 fans. News is still news, but news on games would be better.

TheTwelve3856d ago


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power of Green 3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

He probably sold his 360 when Warner Bros made the Blu-ray deal because after that all he's been doing is looking for negitive 360 news, its all he posts.

No games are being released right now that probably has more to do with 360 sales right now although the Halo effect would naturally fade untill the next Halo effects that is.

Possible two more Halo effects comming this year.

((((#1.1)))) that depends on how many of you trolls come in here.

I agree with -TylerDurden - these are shipped numbers MSFT adjusted due to what they thought was needed 2006 they over shipped. lol

JsonHenry3856d ago

I prefer to game on my X360 over my PS3 ANYDAY (because of the much better controller) but seriously - I can't [email protected]#king stand Halo!! The game is crap compared to others out there.

eLiNeS3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

So what, there's a tiny slow down, nothing to worry about, M$ is profiting now, something Fony won't be saying for a long, long, loooooong time!

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XboxDavey3856d ago

alan wake, halo 4, halo wars, halo halo halo... Well Ps3 sucks anyways.

Milky3856d ago

HALO is a TRILOGY. There will be no HALO 4

stunt2133855d ago

halo effect is definetely fading i meant CoD 4 beat them on a most played game on xbox live last week

niall773856d ago

no really... halo3 hasnt been in a european top 10 since october

AceLuby3856d ago

Main reason: Halo 3

Can you imagine what sales would have been like w/out the Halo effect? It moved so many consoles. Now I just gotta get those other must have titles... Used Gears, Bioshock and Mass Effect. Is a good place to get used games?

lawman11083856d ago

I was in a gamestop last night and 3 employees were telling a guy in there not to buy a PS3 because ALL 3rd party games run and or look better on the 360. MS made a GAME SYSTEM not a Blue ray palyer that also plays games. Wait until GTA IV comes out and the 360 drops $100 bucks, lets talk numbers then.

Synex3856d ago

Oh I can't wait to talk numbers with you when that happens! Also, people who enjoy GTA games bought them on PS2 and will most likely goto PS3 just because it has all their favorite franchises. I don't see why xbox fans think GTA4 going to 360 will spark a huge "OMG I WUNZ 360z NOWWWW OMGZ!!!!"