Blu-ray lead now even higher with a ratio of 87:13

Last week, many people were amazed with the gain Blu-ray had taken over HD DVD in disc sales since the Warner announcement. Despite announcements for future titles on HD DVD made by Universal and Paramount, plus the huge reduction in price for Toshiba places, Blu-ray's lead has increased further with a ratio of 87:33 for the week ending January 20th.

Also what is interesting is that no HD DVD title reached the top 10.

Will the new trend continue next week?


Sorry guys. I was misinformed. I couldn't load the book properly but i was informed that it was 87:13 from several people on when actually it was 83:17 which is a small decrease in market share from last weeks 85:15. As it was approved so quickly, i didn't get a chance to edit it.

If only i could edit the article :(

Anyway no matter, this lead despite the cut in prices for the HD DVD players shows how much Warner's announcement has affected the market. There were also no BOGOF offers during that week for Blu-ray.

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marinelife93737d ago

It's official Universal is stupid. Missing out on a bigger revenue stream than HD-DVD for the sake of pride is dumb.

TheTwelve3737d ago

If you read the article, you'll see that HDDVD is putting up commercials for the SuperBowl on February 3rd (GO GIANTS!).

Wow. Talk about a waste of money.


meepmoopmeep3737d ago

it's the future... i knew... :P

Daytona3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

It wouldn't be during the FREE BLU RAY MOVIES "GIVEAWAY" that's been going on w/the purchase of a Sony TV would it? I believe that was 5 or more movies too.

Poster "whoelse" is a f'kin moron.

Dream on ladies.

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gamesblow3737d ago

I don't feel bad for anyone who bought ito HD-dvd, cause we all told them multiple times how this thing was going to end. Damn fools. Next week it'll be more like 94:6 and then ultimately 99:1.

gtgcoolkid3737d ago

I really want Transformers and Bourne on BD.

meepmoopmeep3737d ago

oh, and a little thing called HEROES seasons 1 & 2

damnit! >:|

Hydrollex3737d ago

Blu-ray RAPED HD-DVD in the a$$. Bye HD-DVD

scoobs3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

"Blu-ray's lead has increased further with a ratio of 87:33 for the week ending January 20th. "


resistance1003737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Ignore - wrong reply

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The story is too old to be commented.