PS2 vs. PSP online play

PS2 and PSP owners can finally go head-to-head online. Don't you wish you were able to give a PS2 owner a virtual smackdown? Dreams of cross-platform multiplayer have rarely come to fruition, but Konami's giving it a shot with their upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! game. The Beginning of Destiny, which is available in stores now, has an intriguing feature we haven't seen before in a PS2 game: it has the ability to actually connect with and battle against the PSP version.

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Counter_ACT3709d ago

Oh, thats actually a really good idea. I hope they do PSP vs. PS3 as well.

schabeugen043709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

They really Should do this Cross platform online thing with 360 and ps3. Imagine playing Call of Duty 4 cross platform!!! That would be great/ Or all of EA's sports games. They really should do this, it would benefit Game's online communities there would be a bigger pool of gamers for online matches(AKA UT3 needs this). And this could be the real way to settle ps3 vs 360 lol. PUT YOU CONTROLLER WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS!!!!
SONY and MICROSOFT need to do this as this benefits Gamers and devlopers

jams_shop3709d ago

I hope they add the ps3 too