I May Have Proven that I’m Better at LittleBigPlanet Karting than the Average Booth Babe

To the general public, E3 is the videogame event everyone wishes they could go to but no one’s actually allowed to get into. All the public ever gets to see is the game trailers, big reveals, and gaming news that comes out of the event. To members of the press, though (such as your illustrious friends at GeekParty), there’s a whole seedy underbelly of E3 that we get to explore; E3 is a haven of booth babes, free alcohol, and swag. Yeah, we get tons of free stuff for going to this thing. I took home no less than five free T-shirts this year alone.

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chukamachine2313d ago

I just got my beta e-mail for my son, but i'll have a go:)

rdgneoz32313d ago

Now to teach him the all important life lesson about why you're gonna use the beta code and he won't be.

Patriots_Pride2313d ago

LOL...Nothing wrong with a grown man playing and loving need to lie about your son.

32froshes2313d ago

Oh, LBP Karting is great so far! Definitely not something that grown men with children should feel ashamed of playing.

ikral2313d ago

My Doughter tryed it, said She likes LBP2 better. Nevermind, its free anyway.

shadow27972313d ago

LBP Karting will be a huge jump from LBP2.

From what I've read, you have all the tools from LBP2, plus some new ones, all in 3D. And you're not limited to Karts, either. With the Controllinator, you can create a character, then make a full 3D level.

Karting is the main focus, but by no means is this just a Karting game. Some have even said it's LBP 3D + some karting.

No disrespect to your daughter, but I'm not sure she realized the full potential the game has to offer.

ghettosmurf2313d ago

I was a huge fan of ModNation Racers, can't wait to see what these teams combined can come up with.

PS3Freak2313d ago

Modnation was fun, but those load times killed the experience for me.

Cryptcuzz2313d ago

Anyone care to share with me a beta code? Can you even share those?

I filled out the survey for the beta, but I think it was for the Europe one and I am in the US! Darnit!

I want to play this game early so bad! :(