China remains world's largest gaming market: analyst

The worldwide gaming market will continue to expand this year, with China accounting for the largest number of gamers in the online PC and mobile game segments, a Taipei-based analyst said Monday.

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Dante1122317d ago

I thought the USA was the world's largest gaming market? Guess not, huh.

Software_Lover2316d ago

"online pc and mobile" gaming

USA biggest console market

Zeixama2316d ago

Of course, population-wise, the largest number of gamers... pfft! I wonder if a mainland Chinese gamer! pays over 300 yuans for a video game, is he or she called an idiot?

FredEffinChopin2316d ago

Depends on what you consider to be "gaming".

gamer78042316d ago

Largest numbers of gamers maybe, largest number of legitimate paying gamers, probably not. China has a very large piracy problem.

FredEffinChopin2316d ago

I'm pretty sure the data they've collected to determine the number of "online PC gamers" and "mobile gamers" is related to some sort of video game sales statistic rather than just "China has more people with phones", so the assertion is probably legit.

FYI, the US and Europe have big piracy problems as well. The Caribbean too.

Letros2316d ago

Brazil, China, Italy and Russia are the largest offenders, this is why SOPA made little sense as USA piracy does contribute to the overall "loss in sales" as much as corporations would like you to believe.

FredEffinChopin2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

I don't believe anything as corporations would have me believe it. I did have a point there that is actually relevant though (that you're ignoring in favor of splitting hairs over who pirates more), which is that piracy is not counted when sales statistics are measured, no matter how rampant piracy is in a given country. Also, that piracy (being a digital matter) is global, no matter where the source is.

Darth Stewie2316d ago

If one of the big 3 find away to be able to sell their console legally in China, than they could easily win next gen.

Picnic2316d ago

Why does that article neglect to mention that consoles are banned in China? That makes it much more interesting that China still has the largest games market.

tigertron2316d ago

Actually, Europe is the biggest gaming market.

Its about time companies took note of that instead of pandering to America and Japan.

Mainland China would probably be the biggest if they lifted the console ban on 'the big three'.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

"Mainland China would probably be the biggest if they lifted the console ban on 'the big three'."

So you think the lack of consoles in china make them not the biggest?

How can you say what is the biggest market? did you count them?

Even in america hardcore pc gamers + casual gamers have a lot of potential to dominate.


tigertron2316d ago

It was said a couple of years ago that Europe has overtaken the US. After all, Europe is made up of several countries and not just one.