Top 7 Unlikeable Characters

GameReactor - The world of gaming is no different. The unlikeables are out there, waiting to annoy the hell out you, to rub you up the wrong way, to stick their stupid heads in your line of sight during chaotic gun fights, getting themselves killed and forcing countless restarts and failed objectives in the process.

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NastyLeftHook02342d ago

Black Phantoms from Demons Souls (Its kind of a love/hate thing) When you lose tons of souls it could be a major blow.

Gaming1012341d ago

lol When did Desmond start looking more and more like Adam Sandler?

Nimblest-Assassin2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

But... I like Desmond :(


That's racist


Also... Kaiden? Ashley is way more irritating, she bitched at me for dating Miranda, blah blah

Also James Motherf***ing heller... Play prototype 2 and you'll understand

Fierce Musashi2342d ago

LMFAO I was just saying to myself "Patroklos had better be up there" after I read the title. xD

flappersack2341d ago

Where is Killzone's Rico?

cpayne932341d ago

The retard gets garza killed, kills visari because he's an emotional child, and loses his best friend all in killzone 2. Why the heck is his horrible personality completely unchanged in Killzone 3?

Rezka2341d ago

Rico from the killzone series is the worse for me

Them_Bones2341d ago

Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy.
They're just so incredibly cliche and always have to be the hero and save the day.

And I don't know what people have against Rico, I beat killzone 2 and didn't even know who he was until my second playthrough.

M4I0N32341d ago

totally agree with you, no idea why everyone hates him so much, he fitted with the story in kz2.

ChipChipperson2341d ago

I don't know why people hated Rico, but I'm questioning if they ever even played Killzone 1 and Killzone Liberation. Rico was there with Templar from the beginning and in Liberation he was almost set up to look like the traitor to the ISA when it was General Stratson who was the traitor. Are players expecting him to act all nice in Killzone 2 after all that?

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