Journey as Interactive Mythology - Who Cares if it's Art?

The Literate Noob writes: Journey might be the starting point for a discussion on whether or not games are art, but does the answer really matter? The game shares some themes with some pretty significant literary sources, definitely some that are woven deep into the fabric of ancient mythology. This is my fancypants, English major analysis of the game and the debate, whatever that's worth.

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from the beach2317d ago

Wow, that exact same passage struck me the first time I played ClayFighter 63 1/3.

from the beach2317d ago

And again when I played Barbie Horse Adventures: Mystery Ride.

from the beach2317d ago

Those two and Journey are the best Interactive Mythologies.

from the beach2317d ago

Sorry for the quadruple post.

I'm blaming this big bag of sugary sweets.

Qukatt2317d ago

I have been in love with thatgamecompany since demoing flower at a Littlebigplanet launch party.

Flower and Flow are the games I load up on the PS3 when I'm just milling around. for some reason I haven't bought journey yet... bah

TheLiterateNoob2317d ago

They're definitely doing some unique stuff. Highly recommend biting the bullet and giving Journey a shot. It's really unlike anything I've (and I think lots of people judging by the response to it) ever played.