Hands-on: Borderlands 2 | VGTODAY

Andreas Varotsis, VGTODAY writes: "Sitting down at the Borderlands 2 machine at Rezzed, I felt instantly at home. Borderlands was a winning formula, the satisfying cooperative gunplay and the Diablo-like loot collection getting along like a house on fire – a house made of TNT, big guns, and insane psycho gnomes – and Gearbox have made sure not to stray too far. Even on a controller, the weighty weaponry, colourful aesthetic and general mayhem make the sequel instantly recognisable.

For those worrying, don’t – keyboard and mouse apparently works just fine, as I was assured by an apologetic attendant, it’s just that reloading makes the game explode. Let’s hope that one is fixed before launch. PC gaming, ey?"

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mjolliffe2224d ago


Borderlands was fantastic! A likely day one purchase for me.

kharma452224d ago

Aye, looking forward to it myself.

Hopefully Borderlands 2 gets the mass market success it looks like it's going to deserve.

antz11042224d ago

Wish they could find a way to bring Knoxx back:

"Well, its been fun chatting but now I have to send a hit squad to take you out. Much love!"

<3 that guy:(

Parasyte2224d ago

Can't wait! Already have mine pre-ordered.

And in the Knoxx vein...

*Yawn* "This is General Knoxx. I really don't wanna be here. This planet smells like hemorrhoids wrapped in bacon!"

antz11042223d ago

Whats with our disagrees? Did someone seriously not like Knoxx? Bet they're a Nazi......only viable explanation.

Parasyte2223d ago

Phantom disagree trolls. They infest this place.

ddurand12219d ago

minus points for caring.