Battlefield 4's Underwhelming Reveal Exemplifies Announcing a Game Too Soon

1up - While many are still busy looking forward to new BF3 content, a sequel has been confirmed.

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yami9302316d ago

I feel Battlefield 4 is not to early or unwelcome if its going to be a next gen launcg game. I feel EA knows they have improved very much on the FrostBite 2 as they are tweaking and optimizing the engine (as seen with Warfighter) and they have recieved a lot of feedback, complaints and things people want added or changed to Battlefield 3 which they cannot do for the game on current consoles, plus now Battlefield 3 has added a single-player campaign so from that aspect only a 4th game in that series can continue or create a story better or along the lines of its predeccesor (just as Bad Company 2 came out 2 years after Bad Company 1). Battlefield 4 can have increased player count (consoles), obvious graphics increase, more content, better mechanics, more features that were heavily requested and more that EA will put in to make this the game Battlefield 3 players wanted. After Battlefield 4 I'm sure they will move to either Battlefiled 2143, Battlefield Bad Company 3 or any other iteration of the Battlefield series, this one will just be for the leap to next gen, as well as maybe to bring up Medal of Honor like mentioned in the article. Plus I would also think that EA does not want Respawn Entertainments new shooter to coincide the same that Battlefield 4 release (if Respawns game skips 2013 as some people are saying).

EVILDEAD3602316d ago

Nah..announcing it this early makes no sense. At least wait for a conference or something. No one is going to be hyped up for the game at this point.

It definately wont be a launch game for the new systems.

NOBODY and I mean NOBODY is leaving this install base behind.

Prepare for BF4 vs. MW4..calling it now


_-EDMIX-_2316d ago

what says EA is releasing it solely for one generation?

based on what systems might come out it's very likely they're working on next gen systems. Based on 2 things based on it being a possibility on making it for both console generations and based off DICE all but confirmed frostbite 2 on very much being a next gen engine.

and truthfully from what we've seen from EA in terms of system launchs and what we've seen from the technology behind frostbite 2 it's not very far fetched to believe such a thing can or will happen

Soldierone2316d ago

IF its a next generation title, then reveal it when the companies announce their new consoles. Have it being a prime example. All eyes will be on the consoles, and all the talk will be about games being shown on it.

If its for next generation, no reason to announce it right now at all.

PockyKing2316d ago

So what? It got announced early, people just make a much bigger deal about these things then they really need too. We don't even have a release date and the beta is scheduled for Fall 2013. That's a good amount of time from now if you ask me.

Them_Bones2316d ago

The genre that takes the least amount of innovation, time and creativity is the one that sells the best, and by a long shot.
I don't want to live on this planet any more.

Intentions2316d ago

They had to announce it since it got leaked on Origin. Derp.

venom062316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

This POS article is just trying to start some sort of freakin controversy for views.... SO WHAT they announced it now.. SO WHAT it won't come till 2014. The fact is they are putting in time to make the game great. NEVER do they hAve anything to say about the CoD announcement every year. It's pumped up to be some grand occasion. But it's a problem when DICE and EA does it??? Please CoD fanboy sites get over yourselves... This will only be greatness for the franchise... BF4 FTW!!

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The story is too old to be commented.