Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2007

End-of-year lists are nuanced things, and different sample groups often disagree. Eurogamer's panel may consist of professional games journalists, but can be a little narrow-minded in some areas, or unbalanced by backgrounds in others. Even with nearly two-dozen contributors, the most interesting thing about the Top 50 was what it said about habits and preferences.

Far more interesting, then, to see what a group as large and diverse as the Eurogamer readership made of 2007. What follows is the Eurogamer readers' very own Top 50 Games of 2007.

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toughNAME3743d ago

VERY happy with Crackdowns position

Good job Eurogamer readers...I spent the summer in England, and at those prices I might not even have a console! So yeah congrats I think thats a really good list.