Why Horror Games Aren't Dead And Buried

IGN - Slender terrifies me. I played it for the first time in a busy office during the middle of the day, and it made me jump.

And I’m not easily scared.

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Lord_Sloth2317d ago

My brother told me they were making a game with the Slender Man in it and I'm actually curious to try it out. I love legends like that.

Irishguy952316d ago

They're just on Life support

Them_Bones2316d ago

It's weird I always wondered about a game set in the woods where slender man is hunting you.
Then one gets made and I was like oh yeah!
It sucks that it's so short and simple though, I wanted narrative!

r212316d ago

Yeah its short if you can actually get all the notes but with that faceless freak always around, its quite tough. For the story, I'd like to think you're playing a woman trying to find proof of the slenderman with a camera. You can tell its a gal whenever your character is trying to catch her breath.

Irishguy952316d ago

Didn't know he could catch you/ First time i've ever turned a game off due to fear though, but he caught me and I instinctively just turned it off

Irishguy952316d ago

Wow, this is ****ing annoying trying to find a download of this game, I got one...viruses/ Nice.

HarryMasonHerpderp2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

here you go dude, this is legit I've used it myself.

edit: scratch that it's been removed for some reason
by Mediafire :S sorry.