Army pulls out of big video game competition

Hundreds of local video game fans may have to find something else to do with their Saturday on March 22.

Many, undoubtedly, have been awaiting the WKU Gameathon scheduled to start at 10 a.m. that day in the Mass Media and Technology Hall at Western Kentucky University. But with the loss of a key sponsorship - worth $3,000 to $5,000 - organizers are now wondering how they'll put the event on at all.

No money, no Gameathon, said Cliff Shaluta, associate professor of advertising at Western and one of Gameathon's primary organizers.

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StalkingSilence3800d ago

I added another source, then read up more on this. This is pretty small-time and shouldn't be on N4G (or joystiq). Army pulled sponsorship and is now getting tons of negative gaming press for it - but this happens all the time.

Afterburn3800d ago

after 22 months of intelligence gathering the army decided that the school had no wmd's and osama wasn't there either. the army will invade the school in 2 weeks anyway, followed shortly by a visit from the president proclaiming "mission accomplished".