Jail for Man Who Robbed Victim of PlayStation 3

Surrey Local News writes:

"A robber who stamped on his victim's head as he stole a video games console has been jailed for 15 months."

"Christopher Hone, 27, of Dunmore, Park Barn, Guildford, repeatedly punched and kicked shopper Matthew Wells as he and a mystery accomplice tried to wrestle a PlayStation 3 machine from him."

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Gaara_7243651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

15 F##KING MONTHS for shoting some one in the head thats like atempted murder and armed robery that should have been over 15 years at the least man waw thats bad

update: dam i read it rong it was stamped not shot lol how can i get them mixed up? lol

Fluffy2Duffy3650d ago

yeah! should have more months or years!! Judges are sucks!!!

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