Battlefield 4 – What do you want to see?

In odd fashion (read: someone goofed up), EA announced that Battlefield 4 was in the works. Now there’s a website saying, “no, no, nothing to see here, carry on.” Not only that, but you could actually get access to the beta buy preordering a copy of Medal of Honor: Warfighter. With two DLC packs already out and three more coming by the beginning of 2013, one has to wonder are we ready for Battlefield 4 and what will it bring to the table?

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Yi-Long2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

... and not the current blend of 'Call of Battlefield' stuff!

Battlefield 3 just has wayyy too little REAL Battlefield levels to enjoy, cause they've been to eager to seduce Call of Duty fans over to their franchise.

They have compromised the quality of the Battlefield franchise in order to become something it doesn't need to become, not should they aspire to become.

Battlefield shouldn't be like CoD. It should be like Battlefield.

And if they want to go after the CoD crowd, they should do so with a new original IP!

JustinNico2337d ago

What do you mean by Real Battlefield levels? What kind are you looking for?

Yi-Long2337d ago

... best level is probably in the Back2Karkand DLC, Gulf of Oman.

Also, I just want to play Conquest with 4-5 flags. That's it. That's Battlefield.

Seanen2336d ago

@Yi-Long I think you're forgetting the Commander position, BattleRecorder, Own Server set up (Not renting) and MODs.

Hufandpuf2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

I want to see BF2143 and the return of Titan mode.

B-radical2336d ago

I wanna see bots again with difficulty settings ahha so much fun bf2 was <3

Npugz72336d ago

I want to see deeper character customization able to pick different helmets vests and things like that plus more factions and skin tone option!

yoyo121212336d ago

That's something I don't wanna see

yoyo121212335d ago

I wanna see 64 players on console