PSN Avatars’ “Extremely Long” Approval Process, Little Return Detailed By Capcom

PSN Avatars are few and far between, with requests for even the simplest avatar of a popular game character going unheeded. Capcom has now spoken out about the process involved in getting avatars approved, and how it takes several months for anything to happen with little return. - PSLS

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alexcosborn2317d ago

I must say, the avatar offering on the PSN is pretty pathetic, unless of course you want to shell out some actual money and even then there isn't much there that's great.

Yi-Long2316d ago

... it's a waste of money.

I'd much rather see more games coming with free 'extra' content (and some do), so when you buy Journey, you get some Journey avatars. You buy a Street Fighter game, you get some Street Fighter avatars, etc etc.

Instead, they just nickel-and-dime you instead, which is quite sad.

The same goes for the avatar-stuff on 360 btw. I'm glad some games with very cool avatar-awards, but I would never actually BUY any of it.

Waste of money. It might seem like small change, but it quickly adds up.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2316d ago

don't they have payed background pics? lol

IHateYouFanboys2316d ago

They're not jpegs, as they can have transparent parts. Png or gif is most likely.


Ares84HU2316d ago

I agree with you. I think you have to be insane to buy avatars on the PSN.

They should come with each game you buy just like you mentioned it. I can't believe that those little pictures take much time to make. They really should be free or included with each game along with a free theme, dynamic or regular.

joab7772316d ago

I agree. I actually think that there should be specific avatars for certain trophies that are difficult and all plats. How hard could it be for Sony to look at a. jpeg and say Yes or no? Cmon Sony.

kneon2316d ago

I'd never pay for an avatar because I couldn't care less what avatar I use. I play PS3 games several times a day and I can't even remember what my avatar looks like, I set it a few years ago and I didn't care then either.

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Thatguy-3102316d ago

It would be nice if it would allow us to post pictures up and make it our avatar.

Paragon2316d ago

Somewhat. Until some idiot decides it'd be fun to take a picture of his... 'junk.'

kneon2316d ago

And you just know someone would do this within the first 15 seconds of such a feature becoming available.

Sevir2316d ago

and the first month of its release

dbjj120882316d ago

I've never used anything other than the stock avatars included on the PS3.

chasegarcia2316d ago

Avatars should be done by the community. Release a make your own kit and watch how many awesome ones you would see for free.Kinda like PS3 themes.

black9112316d ago

All they need are letters,numbers, and sports teams. I want my Raiders or Knicks.

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doctorstrange2317d ago

This is stupid, there shouldn't be such a long process.

user54670072316d ago

We havent even got Spryo or most of the PS1 classics still...are people surprized about some delayed Avatars

SCEE are crap when it comes to this sort of thing...hell we've been promised Crash Bash since November last year, every week it's the same

"Were looking into this"

Snookies122317d ago

Yeah, this is completely idiotic. Sony really needs to do something about that...

Sev2316d ago

I admit, the PSN avatars are the shittiest ever. Even the paid ones are just basic nothings. No excitement or variety. No feeling of personalization. Lame. Turds.

remanutd552316d ago

i feel the same way, and what happened to psvita avatars? where are Resistance, uncharted, gravity, modnation, wipeout and even motorstorm rc avatars?

Tonester9252316d ago

I have a picture of a duck lol

MetalProxy2316d ago

Sorry Sev the psn avatars are not the shittiest ever. Comapired to what we started with there are butt loads of avatars now. What do you mean no variety? lol. Granted some are stupid but I like alot of them. I have a hard time making up my mind which one i want to use.
Curious what would YOU (sev) consider a epic avatar, worthy of your magnificence?

The_bloodedge2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Well the USA store has double the amount uk has so it can't be that bad to do =.= But meh I gave up even caring any more.

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