The Secret World Review Part 1 - Initial Impressions | Dealspwn

Dealspwn kicks off its extensive review of Funcom's new MMORPG The Secret World. In the first instalment we take a look at the the character customisation options, and the basic combat mechanics, as we go through our initial impressions for the new online experience.

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lordoftheflies2338d ago

great review ^^
just bought it at and am so looking forward to create my own character ;3
friend of mine told me about the game - sounded interesting, so I watched him playing a bit , than I started to like it XD

lordoftheflies2338d ago

and now I've even posted with his account, because he still is logged in at my computer XD
- he's sitting beside me and didn't noticed it yet haha

Saryk2338d ago

I love the game. One of the best MMOs i have played!