Where is Battlefield: Bad Company 3? EA responds

DICE still "very proud and fond" of Bad Company, says BF3 community manager.

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CustardTrout1974d ago

The humour and characters are great, that's why we love BC.

cpayne931974d ago

The multiplayer was far better than bf3 imo.

asmith23061974d ago

It is and it isn't. The vehicle gameplay in BF3 is second to none. I thought BC2 had better maps and made for better games of Rush. BF3s maps were designed with Conquest more in mind. Being a big BC2 player I don't know why people complain about BF3 so much. Its the best multiplayer fps out there in my opinion and if EA sell out and go the COD road then I will move on to something else. The same way I moved on after MW2 and Gears 1. If you dont like a devs game then dont buy it, its the best form of protest, simple as.

yoyo121211974d ago

I think bf3 is a game for pc because it wasn't really good on console because of the player count and bad company was awesome on console

Philoctetes1974d ago

"If you dont like a devs game then dont buy it, its the best form of protest, simple as."

Agreed. That's why I skipped BF3 despite logging over 250 hours in BC2.

da_2pacalypse1974d ago

Yup. BC2 had the best MP I had played in many years. BF3 MP was kind of disappointing. The player count was too little for the size of most of the maps (Operation Firestorm, I'm looking at you).

SlapHappyJesus1974d ago

I prefer BF3, personally.

Different tastes for different people, I guess.

I liked Bad Company 2, but I never got all that into it. The feel of the combat . . . I just didn't connect.

RememberThe3571974d ago

I prefer BF3. I haven't put this much time into a shooter in, ever. I do agree with asmith about the maps not being as good for Rush (best mode ever) but even with that I have so much damn fun with BF3 and I get so competitive I can't put it down. It has a lot of flaws (especially on console) but over all it's the best multiplayer shooter I've played.

ATi_Elite1974d ago

BC and BF are Two TOTALLY different game experiences.

One is not better than the other but only "YOU" as a Gamer have a preferred playing style thus one game is better suited for you versus the other.

BC = is more about fighting right at the flags.

BF = a more Total war strategical experience.

WeskerChildReborned1974d ago

Agreed, i liked the maps better in BFBC2.

stevenhiggster1974d ago

I thought Bad Company had better maps than Bad Company 2. Over all I had far more fun with BC1 and 2 than with BF3.

Holeran1974d ago

Funny thing is I liked BC1 over BC2 and BF3. To me bad company 1 multiplayer was one of the best online experiences I ever had. By the time I finished playing BC1 I had logged in about 12000 kills and only 5000 in BC2. Battlefield3 killed it for me with the PS3 input lag, thats why I hardly played that game.

irepbtown1974d ago

Bad Company (2) were absolutely magnificent games. Bad Company was one of the first games I got on my PS3 in 08 (along with MGS4 and GTA IV). I remember one day playing it for 10 hours straight (will never do that again), which was online only. I have never done that with any game in my life.

I think BF3 is great however I still love Bad Company. The next Battlefield should be 2143 or Bad Company 3. Also what I got from reading this was that the Community Manager wants all the good bits from BC to integrate with BF4 and BF5 so on. Which WILL NOT WORK, Bad Company is great as its own game, with great story and great online.

Irishguy951974d ago

I'd say most of the people played BF3 on consoles here.

BF3 Conquest on PC > Bad company 2.
Rush BC2 comsole/pc > Console BF3

It's just the way it worked out when Dice decided that 2011 PC's were the aim in developement, BF3 is a different game on PC than console/

GrumpyVeteran1973d ago

For some reason which I wouldn't have ever thought I'd feel prior to BF3's release ... I agree with you. I don't know why, but I think I just enjoyed BC2 more.

With that said, I found BC1 even more enjoyable, I think BC1's SP was better than BC2 ( I know, I know, SP doesn't matter all that much in Battlefield, but still). Perhaps I look back on BC1 more fondly than BC2 because the destruction was "new" with BC1, and by BC2 we were already used to it. BUT I do think BC1 had better maps too. They were more "open" compared BC2, which is a plus to me (love open expanses rather than linearity).

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AntoineDcoolette1974d ago

Eh, I personally loved it for the destruction in environments in Bad Company 2. Never played the first.

asmith23061974d ago

Agreed. The destruction is the one thing BC2 has as a clear advantage over BF3. I dont know what DICE where thinking when they toned it down in BF3.

DeadIIIRed1974d ago

Agreed. The destruction added so many elements to the experience that BF3 can't match without.

WildArmed1974d ago

hehe, it was always fun blowing up the camper's spot. They never seem to see it coming.

Love BC2

stevenhiggster1974d ago

The destruction definitely was better in BC2. Bad Company 1 didn't have quite as good destruction, but imho it had even better maps than BC2.

irepbtown1974d ago

I remember being in a tank, and if I saw campers in a building i'd take out the entire ground floor leaving only debris. Just love it!!!

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showtimefolks1974d ago

BF:BC 1 had a awesome story and genuine funny moments in BC2 they pushed too hard but i would love to have another

glennco1974d ago

EA got in the way of BC2 single player and tried to make CoD. BC1 has the best SP I have played in a long time

WeskerChildReborned1974d ago

Thats why we need another BFBC

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1974d ago

After reading a lot of comments in this BF4 and the other article... seems like a lot of people were let down by BF3 and all the hype leading up to it.

I could tell by that beta it was not even close to being ready, and only the PC version was the one to really be the best on. Console versions stood no chance to do what the PC version did.

COD is still the champ.

glennco1974d ago

in sales, not gameplay

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NYC_Gamer1974d ago

EA is only focused on sales numbers and i believe BF3 sold more than BC1&2 combined

Fishy Fingers1974d ago

And why not. You could look at like EA being greedy, but also, why did it sell more, because more 'gamers' wanted it.

Supply and demand. More money, more happy players. It's only logical.

BanditGamer1974d ago

Wish every publisher and game was treated with the same business respect. Yes, I'm talking about Activision and CoD and yes, I'm looking at you N4G!

TekoIie1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

That sir is thanks to marketing....

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1974d ago

Also making the game more cod like helped to encourage the console crowd. I expect bf4 to be even more cod like.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1974d ago

I want to see another operation hastings. lol the last one was fun.

AntoineDcoolette1974d ago

Well Bad Company 2 sold more than twice as much as the first bad company. Battlefield 3 sold more. As I see it Battlefield franchise is simply gaining more popularity as it has spread to consoles, word of mouth, and advertising. What's to say Bad Company 3 wouldn't perform as well as Battlefield 3?

Unlimax1974d ago

I love EA Games .. I Hate Activision games .. Problem ?

ALLWRONG1974d ago

Yeah, what does Activision have to do with BC3? Besides EA and Activision are exactly the same kind of greed.

Unlimax1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

I KNOW lol ... I just love EA As a Publisher ( and as a developer in the past ) for publishing so many great titles like Mirror's Edge , Dead Space , the sims series , simcity ... and other titles .. don't get me wrong i'm not EA fanboy xD !!
but comparing EA titles to Activision titles is An affront to the games industry ..

007Bond1974d ago

They should keep Bad Company on consoles only and Bf4 on PC only. I don't think anyone cares for MOH anyways.

RememberThe3571974d ago

MOH:W looked hella good. I can't wait to play it. Danger Close looks like it could turn into a top tier dev if EA lets them.

007Bond1974d ago

Sure but what bothers me is that they use the same engine and both have the same feel. Maybe it's just me but FPS games just don't excite me anymore. If EA goes down this trend with releasing a FPS every year im done with FPS for a while.

SKUD1974d ago

I do agree. Keep the bad company series for consoles. BATTLEFIELD on the PC. Makes sense.

glennco1974d ago

until next-gen at least

AusRogo1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Seriously, just give us bc3 first before bf4. Even though bf3 is my goto multiplayer and I play it a lot, I love bad company 2 more. Its hard to say why, it just is better. @007... I care about moh lol

ian721974d ago

I agree and feel the same as you. Bfbc2 is better, especially single player. I like the characters in bad company. I also like MoH, and hope the multi-player is better on new one than the last. I enjoyed MoH single player though.

yoyo121211974d ago

In bf4 I hope they put the destruction back to the way it was in bad company

Rainstorm811974d ago

I disagree BC2 made it far too easy to destroy MCOMs inside buildings...just destroy the building in BF3 u have to work for it instead of camping in a tank a destroying it.