Top 10 Worst Videogame Systems Ever

Mania writes: We all know today that companies lose money on the hardware and make money on the software as well as licenses to third-party game developers. But the time was that it seemed everyone wanted to make their own systems. In this list we are going to look at some of the worst and least successful systems ever unleashed on a not wary enough gaming audience. It’s important to note that “worst” doesn’t necessarily mean the game system was bad. A few of these systems were actually pretty good but they failed for a variety of reasons such as the inability to attract third-party developers or pricing themselves out of the market with the cost of their system. So lets take a not so fond look at some of those systems that may be gathering dust somewhere, but are probably worth a pile of cash on eBay!

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CustardTrout2339d ago

I love my CD-i!
Zelda games are awesome on it.

Pozzle2339d ago

NGL, I genuinely liked the Atari Lynx. :O