IGN: You Don't Have to Buy Warfighter to Get into the Battlefield 4 Beta

The "exclusive beta" announced for Battlefield 4 yesterday can be accessed through other means than Medal of Honor Warfighter.

Battlefield 3 community manager Ian Tornay clarified the situation on Reddit after fans voiced their concerns.

"There will be other ways to get into the beta aside from MoH Warfighter. At this time, however, it is the only way to guarantee entry," he said.

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Wizziokid2340d ago

No doubt this means it will be sign-up and then key give-away to gain access.

KillerPwned2340d ago

I would really be surprised if BF3 premium members did not get into the beta.

LightofDarkness2340d ago

Would you really be that surprised? This is EA, here.

secretcode2340d ago

Battlefield 3's Beta wasn't Preorder Exclusive. During the last bit of the beta, at least on the 360, the Beta opened up to the public.

StayStatic2340d ago

Disapointed my Bad Company 2 , BF2 , BF3 purchases didn't get me into beta , why MOH lol

ginsunuva2339d ago

Will probably be a measly 2 days earlier access lol. EA actually thinks people want that.