Sleeping Dogs All-Star Voice Cast

Thirteen1 - The momentum behind Sleeping Dogs is picking up nicely. The anticipated open-world game, which marries martial arts fighting, tight shooting and fluid driving with an Asian cinema inspired story line, has just confirmed an all star cast, featuring supporting roles from the likes of Lucy Lui and Emma Stone.

Big names like these are great for star pulling power. But what about the other, 3 main voice stars of Sleeping Dogs? Their names may not be as recognisable, but they’re huge stars and a lot more decorated than you may realise.

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shammgod2316d ago

Dammit. I tried to hold off on this. Off to amazon to preorder

LiamDirish2316d ago

Hard to believe Activision didn't want this.

Capt-FuzzyPants2316d ago

I just don't think they had a studio that wanted to put in the work or they didn't want to fund it.

ironcreed2316d ago

This game looks amazing. Kung Fu GTA... and then some.