IGN: The Elder Scrolls Online May Come to Consoles

Zenimax Online hasn't ruled out releasing The Elder Scrolls Online on consoles according to the studio's head.

In an interview with GamesIndustry, Matt Firor explained that uncertainty over the next generation is the main thing that's holding the company back.

"There are a lot of rumors swirling around the next-gen coming back together with PCs," he said. "It seems like things are going back to a more standard platform. That being said, we haven't thought about it heavily right now. The worst thing you can do is worry about new platforms while in development.

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Wizziokid2337d ago

I'm going to say if this game has a monthly fee, it will fail. It's best chance is to follow the GW2 model and maybe launch on consoles for the wider audience. The MMO market is very tough and unless the game features new innovative features and mechanics it won't stand a chance, just look at SWTOR.

MacDonagh2337d ago

If they follow the GW2 model; it could work out really well for them.

WeskerChildReborned2333d ago

Yea it should just be pay one time.

SITH2337d ago

Won't come to Xbox. Microsoft is determined this gen to keep mmo games of Xbox this gen. Yes a couple were available shorty after launch with more planned to come, yet here we sit with nothing.

lastdual2337d ago

At launch, they've said it will be PC only. And while they may not be "ruling anything out" for the future, that doesn't mean that they're seriously looking at a console port.

Basically, this is just marketing talk. TES:Online for consoles isn't happening.

Kirnisorey2337d ago

Awesome I can have it freeze on me with real people around