Yakuza 5 Another Drama: Newcomer Tatsuo Shinada's Strange Batting Practice

The latest in Sega's weekly updates about Yakuza 5's Another Dramas focuses on the newcomer character Tatsuo Shinada. The former baseball player and brief star of the Nagoya Wyverns, suddenly meets his former high school teammate, a pitcher named Shirakawa. They end up trying out some "strange" batting challenges.

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MrDead2344d ago

I just need a UK release date.

showtimefolks2343d ago

my friend we need a world wide release so hopefully sega will save their time later on and include the english subs with the game so we can either import it or they can launch world wide

also yakuza 1-2 in HD are coming to japan hopefully they will come out in west to on disk please(also rest f the world)