Top 8 Annoying Video Game Characters

From Sonic the Hedgehog and Baby Mario to Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2, the dog from Duck Hunt and more, 411's David McGregor counts down the top 8 annoying video game characters!

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Stuart57562340d ago

That pic is so nostalgic! Goldeneye was great, remote mines in multiplayer, memories....

egidem2339d ago

Me: For the love of -

StayStatic2339d ago

Natalya was the reason for me failing so many 00 Agent mission attempts lol , and don't get me started on how many attempts getting the cheat off facility took , rage inducing lol.

Tetsujin2339d ago

I'd replace Jack with Rose, I hated her so much every time the codec went off and she started talking I'd autoskip regardless of how important information was. Oh and I got so SICK of hearing "you know what tomorrow is?"

Dark_Overlord2339d ago

Recently the 2 characters in a game that p*ssed me off the most were

Sheeva (RE5) complete idiot who would regularly get me killed, the stupid b*tch would never revive me either, even when standing right next to me

Clank (R&CA4O) so bad I renamed him clanktard, a complete f*cking retard who would regularly get in the way, commit suicide, or do something that stupid it resulted in my death, the worst R&C by far.

deep_fried_bum_cake2339d ago

I wholeheartedly disagree with the unavoidable pokemon battles. I just saw them as a way to increase my pokemons levels, I could always skip the avoidable ones if I felt I didn't want a lot of battles. Plus they are a test of your ability, so if you can't beat them then you gotta get stronger.

UnitSmiley2339d ago

Personally I loved Raiden, always have. And yeah, in MGS4 He was a complete badass.

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The story is too old to be commented.