Nintendo, THQ & Namco Bandai Reveal MCM Expo Manchester Comic Con Line-Up

A trio of top videogames publishers will be bringing their latest titles to Manchester Comic Con, as the pop culture show returns to Manchester Central on 21st July 2012. The previously confirmed THQ and Namco Bandai Games will showcase their latest, while Nintendo’s tour will also be making a special pit stop.

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CustardTrout2041d ago

There's like 3 games!
That's 2 more than last year!

Cajun Chicken2041d ago

They had EDF:IA and Warhammer Space Marine...The London one is a lot better. Wasn't a fan of the small scale that the Mancs one was, it's not a replacement.

Relientk772041d ago

Tales of Graces f is great

TruthbeTold2040d ago

I agree. I'm playing it now. I am highly annoyed however at the fact that it took 2 years for the game to be released here, while Japan has since had Xillia, and now Xillia 2 has been announced.

Relientk772040d ago

Yea I kno right. Xillia finally getting announced for the States