Mechanical Breakdown: What Fallout 3 Missed from the Originals

Pikimal: While the Fallout series has always been popular, it was really Fallout 3 that brought it to the forefront of the game industry’s attention. Bethesda’s wildly successful followup to the Black Isle studios games, done in the style of their Elder Scrolls series, brought the universe of Fallout to the attention of gamers everywhere. People who grew up playing consoles all their lives got to experience the universe for the first time, falling in love with the Science-themed post-apocalyptic world with no end to the hidden references to events and locations both real and fictional.

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neutralgamer192339d ago

Idk but i hated this game. Wasnt fun at all to me.

Firebird3602339d ago

My favorite game this generation.

Hazmat132339d ago

love this game but the freezing is way too common. in fact my new new fallout 3 profile every time i load my game it freezes. so i guess i gotta start a new one. lol

EazyC2339d ago

I' m one of the original (well, 1 and 2) fans who actually loved fallout 3. Such a great game! Now wheres that Fallout 4?.....