The 10 Best Old School RPGs Of All Time

You know, it’s funny how quickly a genre can shift. Back in the day, the east ruled the RPG market. But today, games like Mass Effect, The Elder Scrolls, and Fallout 3, all western titles, are considered the golden standard. Turn-based combat and item boxes don’t dictate whether a game is an RPG anymore, and you’re more likely to find yourself playing with other gamers around the world than you are of going it solo with a party of four or five and racking up experience points. That said, old-school RPGs, while dated, are still extremely fun and playable. We’re talking 8-bit and 16-bit masterpieces, and are focusing on everything prior to the Playstation era since Final Fantasy VII pretty much changed everything. Oh, and we’re doing broad-strokes here and talking about whole series where we can. So, without further ado...

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omarzy2337d ago

Lunar: The Silver Star should be on this list.

abzdine2337d ago

Zelda was and will never be an RPG!!!

Otherwise they forgot :

Secret of Evermore
Dragon Quest
Secret of Mana
Grandia (a bit new but still legendary)
Light Crusader
Star Ocean

LightofDarkness2337d ago

Grandia was after the SNES, so that's not a part of this list. And Dragon Quest is there?

As for the others, most of those were one-offs that simply don't stand up to the might of the series that are mentioned here, which is why Chrono Trigger is number 3 instead of number 1 (it's the only entry in the series prior to the PS1/Saturn generation). Of course, it's all a matter of opinion.

abzdine2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

the title of the news is : The 10 Best Old School RPGs Of All Time
Doesn't matter if it's a on-off series or not, Secret of Evermore is one of the best RPGs ever along with Secret of Mana which are much more RPGs than zelda is.

Mario RPG ? meh...

cornroves2337d ago

Mario RPG definitely was a surprise and that's probably why it made this list, but Secret of Mana was a miss on the writers part. Lufia was pretty damn good...guess not good enough.

LAWSON722336d ago

Zelda is amazing but it is not rpg