Diablo III: A Failure Ten years in the Making

Diablo III is by and large the most disappointing big name release of the past decade. Its failure to deliver on many, if not most, of what was promised will not and should not be forgiven nor forgotten.

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Amazingmrbrock2338d ago

Havent played it but what I keep hearing about it gets worse and worse the further from release.

I would like to take this time to ask a question of the gamers on this site. Is any of this negative press true in your opinion?

I had been looking forward to the next diablo game since diablo 2. I was however worried about the activision poison and wanted to know before jumping into the water.

Snookies122338d ago

I honestly didn't like it... They did so much "wrong" with the game when it was released and that already had me feeling not so sure on the game. I gave it a chance anyway though, and I really wasn't impressed. I was playing it thinking, I could just go get Diablo 2 for much cheaper...

Honestly, this is just MY opinion, and I'm sure there are people out there who liked it. Just that I couldn't get into it at all.

Psychonaughty2338d ago

I may be the wrong person to answer this because D2 didn't appeal to me but anyway I was pretty darn hyped for this game for a few years since they announced it and because I generally really like Blizz' games I thought I would love this.

It had an ok story with ok gameplay but the game has no depth at all and so I got bored after my first playthrough.

I played the game again twice to get through all difficulties (although this was a chore) but I stopped on the last difficulty because it was broken unless you bought all your gear on the auction house, which for me is a great big yawn despite loving wow's AH.

So yeah after the disappointment that was Starcraft 2's campaign, wow expansion Cataclysm and now this, it's fair to say that I have very little faith left in Blizzard, they seem to be a shell of their former self, I blame greed but that's debatable.

Somebody2338d ago

No need for the negative press. The moment they announced it will only playable when you are constantly online, I simply walked away.

Saryk2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

Same, when they said that, I stated I wasn't buying. Now I am glad I didn't buy!

Raf1k12338d ago

I think they announced there would be some sort of trial version like WoW which you would be able to play up to a certain level. I think you should just wait for that and if you like it then buy it.

The game IMO doesn't have the replayability of D2 and don't like the change to repair costs since it now costs me nearly as much to repair in inferno than I can make while playing.

I don't mind the balancing changes but the auction houses don't work as well as they should IMO since prices are inflated to the point that most people can't afford to buy decent gear and have to farm for it.

Having said that I think it's a pretty fun game to play with friends even with it's problems.

fermcr2338d ago

"Diablo III: A Failure Ten years in the Making"


I find it unbelievable the reviews this game has. The reviewers most likely received pay-offs.

kingdavid2338d ago

Meh Im enjoying diablo 3. Shoot me.

Ravenor2338d ago

Some would probably try.

The author of this article needs either a tissue or a diaper change.

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Mariusmssj2338d ago

Diablo 3 just didn't have the soul of previous two. Diablo 1 & 2 were made with love. Diablo 3 was made to make money

Ramas2338d ago

couse blizzard probably is most greedy company in the world.

devileyed2338d ago

like everyone else said. it has no soul and very little style. it may as well be a pay to win game as the article suggested. it's just a very rude slap in the face for fans of the series. it isn't fun and the moment it starts getting fun you have to buy stuff to proceed.

Alos882338d ago

Do you think the fact that it took ten years to finish it made it impossible to live up to it's expectations?

Psychonaughty2338d ago

No, it made it harder sure, but the game really is broken, I wasn't a big fan of D2 because I came too late to it and it's quite frankly ugly with horrible gfx, animations and a very clunky interface but it had atmosphere in droves.

One of the main reasons is because of the amazing music which is some of my fave in gaming ever (despite not liking the game) but D3'S music is so bland/generic/samey and just sounds like it came right out of their other games.

The biggest peoblem though is that the game is ridiculously easy (and I'm not very good at these sort of games) up until the final difficulty and then it gets nearly impossibly hard unless you play the AH and not the game (ironically)

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