Future UMD movies are region free? MTV UMDs are

The new MTV UMD movies for the PSP have an "all" region label instead of a number indicating the region, which means they are region free. This could be only for MTV UMDs or some kind of packing oversight, but Spencer from Siliconera hopes neither is the case and Sony plans to make the UMD video format completely region free. (January 24th, 2008)

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omansteveo3829d ago

I didnt know they were still making these things

TheMART3829d ago

Does it matter?

My PSP already is region free IF I want to play an video UMD from anywhere from the world

whoelse3829d ago

do what you can to push a dead format, very much like HD DVD.

Bill Gates3829d ago

It would be a nice incentive if a UMD movie was included with the purchase of Sony Studio movies. They should consider something like that.

ReBurn3829d ago

Do people still buy UMD? They need to sell those things for like $5. I'd buy some then.

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