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It's simple - Michael Pachter is a jerk

Stevo writes/rants: This entire post is directed to Michael Pachter, research analyst at Wedbush Securities, who continues to give Nintendo's consoles doom and gloom BEFORE a console's release. Is it really necessary when the public market has had no time to voice their opinion? (Culture, Industry, Michael Pachter, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Abash  +   639d ago
As much as I dislike Pachter, calling him a jerk is uncalled for. The article witer is just giving a bad name to Nintendo fanboys
NintendoNationBlog  +   639d ago
Do a Google search for Michael Patcher is an idiot. There are worse things out there ;)
blitz0623  +   639d ago
I see him more as an idiot rather than a jerk. There's a difference
egidem  +   639d ago
"As much as I dislike Pachter, calling him a jerk is uncalled for. The article witer is just giving a bad name to Nintendo fanboys"

Hmm.....nah, he's still a idiot.
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SITH  +   639d ago
He is a paid idiot.
shoddy  +   639d ago
Patcher is a jerk and an idiot.
I'm so jealous that he get pay for it.
His boss is an idiot too.
EVILDEAD360  +   639d ago
Long Live Pach Attack..
I love how Mickey's got em' so p-ed off all the time.

Love him or hate him..IMO Pachter is as entertaining as ANYONE in the close minded industry of gaming.

Wirth that said, Pach is definately far from being right all the time, but wow he and his show are more informative about MANY MANY issues that come up in gaming today than any gaming website out there.

Color me a Pach fan..I value his opinion just as much as any of the jaded biased personalities that are on Game Trailers and other gaming media. Mainly because he doesn't even take himself too seriously.

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Relientk77  +   639d ago
Wow that is from so long ago
shackdaddy  +   639d ago
He is a jerk though. Not just in a Nintendo fan point of view...

Like have you seen his "ask pachter" videos? Half of them consist of him calling the people who submit Q's stupid or making fun of their name or just generally act like an arrogant jerk.
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Ravenor  +   639d ago
I don't think he's an "idiot" or a "Jerk", he has a shitty job that involves him more or less making predictions based on how he interprets the market going. Like with anyone making predictions, it doesn't always turns out well.

I feel, he is incredibly condescending and when it comes to interacting with the average gamer he has a huge superiority complex. All of these things combined with his general apathy towards Nintendo and it just create something that potentially rubs me all the wrong way.

The fact of the matter is, his reasons for disliking Nintendo as an investment are perfectly well founded. Investing in Nintendo has always been a gamble that wasn't always worth the reward. He just puts it in all the wrong ways..
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   639d ago
Nintendo fans should actually be kinda of relieved that Pachter predicts doom and gloom for the Wii U. Patchter saying the opposite of what you want to hear is actually a good sign since he's usually wrong.
showtimefolks  +   639d ago
disagree all you want the guys knows a lot more than us when it comes to business aspect of gaming. So what if he is wrong or makes some bold prediction like wii-HD.

in patch attack some of the questions he has answered requires inside know about of the industry so i don't consider him an idiot.

wii-hd should have happend when he predicted because at that time Nintendo could have gained bigger market share now within one year of wii-u it will be over shadowed by ps4,xbox720.
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bobshi  +   639d ago
But the Wii is a failed console. Sure it sold the most, but it also collected the most dust too.

It is a fad amongst the main purchasers - families.

The Wii HD was needed in his eyes to shift more units to those that are PS3/360 fans that want the decent graphics, he was right about that.

Imagine if the Wii was up to scratch with the 360 and PS3 - not only would the Wii have had all those families buying it to play Wii Sports but it'd have all the PS3/360 fan boys playing their hardcore games too.

That, my friend, is why he thought it'd fail.

I'm not sure anyone could really have predicted how well it carved a new market in the casual family gamers.
nintendojunkie28  +   639d ago
Well...if the shoe fits......
darkride66  +   639d ago
"Is it really necessary when the public market has had no time to voice their opinion?"

This article is completely off the rails. Is it necessary? That's his job. His job isn't to wait until after the fact and then say "Wow. The customer's loved it." His job is to advise investors ahead of time, to make predictions. And he's not the only analyst out there that thinks Nintendo will have a hard time matching the Wii's success with the Wii-U.

He's not seeking attention when he makes these predictions, he's doing his job and like it or not, look at his track record. He's been out to lunch at times but he's still right far more than he's wrong.

"Your opinion means nothing to anyone buying consoles."
Again, you couldn't have missed the point more. He's not making these predictions for console buyers. He's advising brokers, fund managers, investors, etc who pay millions for detailed reports like the ones Wedbush provides, and they wouldn't be paying millions for these types of research reports if they weren't making them money. Having worked in the brokerage industry for a decade before becoming a game developer, I speak from experience here. You think brokers research each stock in the portfolio when investing your assets? Not even close. They rely on recommendations from their internal analysts who rely on reports from guys like Michael Patcher. He wouldn't be employed if his opinions were always wrong.

This article is clearly ignorant of what it is that Pachter even does.
schlanz  +   639d ago
He's definitely a jerk for assuming only "hardcore Nintendo fanboys" will buy Wii U, and that "they could release a cardboard box and say it plays Mario and [Nintendo fanboys] would buy it. Why does this guy hate Nintendo and their fans so much?
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lpc  +   638d ago
Oye ye bohat bhara Gandu aur harami admi ha Lora kuti ma ka bacha ha dala kuti ka nasal
remanutd55  +   639d ago
i approved this article, he is a clown.
Godmars290  +   639d ago
He's someone who looks at the business end of gaming, then makes comments to gamers. Somehow doesn't realize the difference.
Ravenor  +   639d ago
I also never understood why anyone wanted to hear from him, and how he slithered onto most VG related media.

Investors want to know about the viability of whatever, as a gamer...I don't really care. He basically spouts inflammatory useless information, and then acts confused when people ask for a explanation.

Like his on the spot value of Nintendo against other Publishers and putting them on the very bottom.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   639d ago
Pachter is not a jerk.

But there is something you should know about analysts.

Their job isn't just to pick winning companies, its also to "talk down" the rival companies who oppose their picks.

Basically you tell your clients to invest in a certain company, then to help guarantee the success of your client, you talk down the rival companies.

And if you want to prove that an analyst is involved with this type of behavior, you simply look for the patterns in their choices.

Now I'm not saying any of this is true with Mikey. I personally think he's just saying stuff to get a rise out of people. The press has often targeted Nintendo fans simply because they have a knee jerk, emotional response to this kind of stuff. (Well, at least they used to. They're finally starting to wise up. Only suckers get trolled.)
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Fishy Fingers  +   639d ago
He's just doing his job. Why don't you do yours and write something worthwhile...

He's not forcing sites/blog to post everything that comes out of his mouth.
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abzdine  +   639d ago
he is full of shit nothing he says turns out to be true.
I wanna be an analyst too.

You know what guys, there will be a PS4 slim!
insomnium2  +   639d ago
Shouldn't you be saying "there will NOT be a PS4 slim"? Only then you would be as magnificent an analyst as he is. With a truthfull prediction like that you are not even half the man he is.

@r21 below

I just watched Batman yesterday. Half of it anyway. Tonight I'm watching the rest. Great movie. Best Joker ever! RIP!
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abzdine  +   639d ago
at least i could have predicted something with no need of going to analyst school
r21  +   639d ago
hahaha every time something starts with 'its simple', i keep thinking of that joker quote, 'its simple, we kill the batman' XD
i dont mean to apply the same to Michael, i aint that kinda man.
btw, the dark knight rises is coming soon >:D
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hiptanaka  +   639d ago
He's not a jerk as much as he is incompetent.
MasterCornholio  +   639d ago
Michael Pacther is the VG charts of the analysts world.

Btw this article was created in retaliation for his comments on the Wii U.

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kingofe3  +   639d ago
Pachter once said Microsoft had a "great E3" planned for 2011.

Other from this he's been saying lots of good things about Microsoft. He could at least give Nintendo some credit for what they done. He said the Wii had luck for being successful, but there's no such thing as luck in the video game industry.
schlanz  +   639d ago
Of course it could only be luck because Pachter was dead wrong about it. What an assclown.
LOL_WUT  +   639d ago
Wow someone got butthurt over that one Nintendo article.

I didn't give the site a hit but you don't need an article to tell you that patcher is an idiot or in this case a jerk. Which is a little extreme and it just makes it seem like the author takes game consoles way too seriously.
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mike1up  +   639d ago
---"Over that one Nintendo article"?

Patcher's been doing this for quite a while LOL_WUT. The DS, Wii, 3DS, and Wii U have all been declared doomed by this "analyst".

You could stamp a Nintendo Logo on a $100 bill, and Patcher would rant about how nobody would want it.
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scruffy_bear  +   639d ago
This is why he's a jerk, said this in a interview a few years back about us gamers.

“Please make sure you mention that you solicited these responses. I’m tired of your idiot fans complaining that I spouted off once more.”

FarCryLover182  +   639d ago
"It's simple- we kill the Batman." That Joker quote popped into my head based on this title. All I can think about.

OT: I think he's alright, he's got a great job too. That's a dream job, just taking guesses and if you're wrong...no big deal. Just like being a weatherman.
hazelamy  +   639d ago
the guy's a dick and half the time he's talking out his arse, and the other half he's spouting some bull about how the industry should try and wring even more money out of its customers and why we should be thankful to them for doing it.
PixL  +   639d ago
He's a MS doggy licking Balmer's crevice so he talks bad about the other two competitors. I consider him a human turd because he lies for money.
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stigmurder  +   639d ago
I have a question: Why the fuck do gamers care to listen to a research analyst?
Droid Control  +   639d ago
He looks down on poor gamers.
insomnium2  +   639d ago
"Stupid poor people, stupid poor people, you can't even afford food" -Jon Lajoie.
KwietStorm  +   639d ago
jacen100  +   639d ago
yea moron
Tyre  +   639d ago
He is a guy we could easily do without, actually he is totally expandable and adds nothing notable. Still he makes a lot of unjustifiable money, parasiting on the gaming world. I can't believe he still gets attention, must be an inside job. Pathetic.
mike1up  +   639d ago
Nice read.
You cannot spell Patcher without the letters H-A-T-E-R.
a_adji  +   639d ago
He is an an analyst so if it ain't numbers or business relaed he should shut his mouth as he is doing himself more damage then good.
sandman224  +   639d ago
If you ask me he's a Microsoft fanboy. The only time he's nice about Sony is if he mingles with jack Trenton. He's a kiss azz!
wanderson75  +   639d ago
1) Michael Pachter is an analyst, and while I disagree on many things he says, he's usually got heaps of data behind him to back his point of view up.

2) I actually met Mr. Pachter briefly at CES earlier this year. He's actually quite a pleasant person to talk to.

3) Just one year in and Mr. Editor-in-Chief here is going out and slamming industry notables with LOL speak? You're going to burn your reputation to the ground as an organization pretty quick bud. The absolute lack of diplomacy and professionalism in this opinion article tells me a lot about your site, and you won't be getting any more of my traffic anytime soon.
Dlacy13g  +   639d ago
well said.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   639d ago
I try to refrain from calling him names.

I don't like his predictions but there have been times where his predictions have spoken to my worries about Wii or WiiU.

I can't say that I haven't ever conjured any of his worse case scenarios in my head BUT then again I have never been as certain of disaster as he has Always been.

Nevertheless, people PAY him to be CERTAIN- not to guess. It is just too bad that he only sees darkness in Nintendo's light.
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richard72   639d ago | Spam
Dlacy13g  +   639d ago
LOL... what a friggin Dbag this writer is. Calling a guy a Jerk because he is constantly being asked for his opinion on the Nintendo system and his opinion isnt favorable. Clearly that screams "jerk". Well I say this writer is an A-hole for giving us his opinion about Michael Pachter when I didn't ask for it.
mike1up  +   639d ago
---"Well I say this writer is an A-hole for giving us his opinion about Michael Pachter when I didn't ask for it."

You clicked on the link, so you asked for it. The truth is that nobody asked for your opinion either. Does that make you an A-hole?
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Dlacy13g  +   639d ago
Didn't click on the link...not gonna support a site with hits for this kind of non-sense.

As for me being an A-hole? LOL...probably. I have been called worse.

Bottom line I think its a bit amateur for "journalists" to be actively name calling someone in the industry because the don't agree with their opinion.
mike1up  +   639d ago

Fair enough, and I have been called much worse as well.

I do, however, think it is a bit "amateur" of you to bash the writer when all you have read is the title of his article.
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Dlacy13g  +   639d ago
@mr_mike touche, and yes I am very much an amateur...I don't make money off the internet writing about video games, or hosting sites that generate revenue about video games. I am just the average amateur video game enthusiast who happens to feel the "pros" of this industry need to act like it. Calling someone a jerk in the title of an article because of his opinion (which often these very same gaming sites have solicited his opinion) is anything but professional.

but enough.. let us move on and enjoy more important things like games. Lots to look forward to in the coming months.
dcbronco  +   639d ago
I disagree with Pachter on a lot. As I do with most analyst. But gamers need to realize we made this guy. Gaming became big business and people follow analyst who wanted to be in on the next big thing. Pachter said a bunch of off the wall stuff, like most of them do, about things they know little about and gamers did what they do. They pounced. And we gave this guy way more clout and exposure than he deserved. Just like Cooper Lawrence. If he had been ignored, he would still be sitting in some office writing reports and reading the business section.

IT'S ALIVE...IT'S ALIVE....IT's Alive....
mochachino  +   639d ago
I always thought he looked more like a complete asshole.
Sgt_Slaughter  +   639d ago
LOL this made my day! XD
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