Batmobile Case Mod Looks Nice, Fast

"Holy casemod, Batman".
"Damnit Robin, I told you to stop saying dumb shit like that."
"I'm sorry Batman, I thought you liked it."
"Well I never have. Now put your leotard back on and get the hell out of here."
"Holy sleeping on the couch, Batman."
"Goddamnit Robin!"

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GodsHand3829d ago

Pretty nice mod.

From what I hear, this is better then being a rc car.

Robocod3829d ago

Very clever, far too much time on his/her hands though.

Frag Monger3828d ago

Too much time on his hands is right. I don't know where people find the time to do this stuff!

Pretry cool tho.

The funniest PC case mod I ever saw was a real taxidermied beaver, hollowed out & PC innards put in! LOL

You can see that one here: