Backlog Quest: Day 16 – X-Men: Destiny | Clearance Bin Review

Backlog Quest is a month long special event on Clearance Bin Review featuring daily game reviews of the games that have sat on the shelf for simply too long; old and new.

From Day 16 – X-Men: Destiny, Tristan Rendo writes, "The concept of the game is that you play as one of three original mutants, created just for the game. At a mutant friendly peace rally a terrorist attack by a group of anti-mutant militants known as The Purifiers draws out your characters (till then) unknown abilities. In the chaos that follows you help save civilians and unravel a deep conspiracy to ultimately save the city, if not the world. Along the way you must make choices that will either land you on the side of the X-Men or joining the ranks of The Brotherhood."

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Baka-akaB2313d ago

Sometimes you just gotta throw the trash out , instead of inspecting it . X men destiny is one such case