7 Reasons Why Video Games are Better than Movies

Call of Duty Black Ops was notable for making more money than any movie ever made and yet gaming is still seen as more of a fringe activity than going to see movies are. However before you buy that ticket to yet another movie that you'll forget an hour afterwards, I suggest you read my list as to why video games are the superior medium.

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versusALL2316d ago

One of the reasons I like video games better is story. Video games story's nowadays either equal that of movies or surpass it. Plus at least video games come up with original stories that aren't based on a play, book, etc.

My fav. video game stories: Bioshock, Final Fantasy X, Assassin's Creed 2, Metal Gear Solid series, Infamous, God of War, Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect 2, L.A Noire, Mafia 2, Dead Space, Heavy Rain, the LIST IS ENDLESS!

NastyLeftHook02316d ago

yes heavy rain, one of the best works of art since mona lisa.

h311rais3r2316d ago

I wish halos game stories were like the books. I read em all and honestly the stories are as complex as mgs. the books anyway lol.

shadowwizard2316d ago

Ahhahaha, Halo stories are as complex as mgs, lulz, best laught in months.

Snookies122316d ago

I certainly wouldn't put them on MGS level, but Halo does have a pretty good story for what it is, I'll give you that.

humbleopinion2316d ago

Games simply can't compete with how deep stories in books are, but they have other advantages. The story in Halo games for example never comes close to the (good) books in the series, but the level of interactiveness compensates for that: a book can't deliver the level of intensity or running into the Flood for the first time - it's emergent narrative

MGS stories though are more like convoluted anime shows with some interesting philosophy but really bad dialog - as if Kojima is doing it on purpose.

hay2316d ago

Real advantages of games over movies:

Interactivity. Games can make you smarter, improve hand-eye coordination, reflexes, critical thinking, cooperation and competitiveness.

Freedom. Some games give you freedom of choice, freedom to express yourself in a game or even through a game.

Connectivity. You can meet people of different cultures, from literally different worlds.

Imagination. Some games leave a lot to imagination(especially oldschool titles) expanding your inner world.

Attachment. People tend to be more attached to things they put more effort into. How many f*cks we have thrown on those ridiculously hard levels, cheap boss fights and mindblowing riddles? Each such challenge did a trick on our mood, generated anger, but the amount of problem solving skills we put there, were converted into experience. And we all like to show-off with our crazy achievements.

Games are glorious children of three worlds: books, movies and playfulness. And the best is yet to come as the industry matures.

ChickeyCantor2316d ago

" Plus at least video games come up with original stories that aren't based on a play, book, etc."

...You're kidding me right?

versusALL2315d ago

What do you mean?

ChickeyCantor2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

There are a lot of movies that don't base their story on a book or play. Like video games, stories are inspired by literature, books, moves, life itself, etc.

In essence in the same categorized movies the "message" is relatively the same. Just differently told.

God of War for instance takes most of its lore from actually greek history.

And here HAWP puts it perfectly for uncharted:

O wait...the story elements are actually stolen.
Goes both way.

syanara2316d ago

not only better story but longer ones, Movies have maybe 2 hours to tell a story while games can take as long as is needed.

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Irishguy952316d ago

They both have their ups and downs/ So do Tv series such as Breaking bad and Game of thrones for example/ I enjoy all of them. Although gaming is my biggest hobby/

CaptainSheep2316d ago

I've always preferred video games over movies. Many would disagree with me on what I'm about to say but I actually feel a connection with a video game character. While watching a movie or a TV series, I don't think like at all.
I mean, I've played Persona 3 more times than I remember and each time, I felt a connection with all the characters in the game. When the game was ending, I actually felt REALLY sad.
Call me a forever alone if you want but it's just my thinking. :P

vickers5002316d ago

My favorite is TV shows. Not that reality crap, but shows like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Dexter, Arrested Development, Dead Like Me, Warehouse 13, Eureka, Community, Psych, Firefly, and just so many more that would take me a long time to name.

TV shows are better than movies (imo) because they actually allow for character development and allow you to form an attachment to the characters. In movies, unless it's a sequel, you have about 2 hours to get attached to a character, which is not enough time for me.

As for video games, in terms of good stories in games it's pretty much like one out of every hundred games that an actual good story exists(good at minimum, great stories in games are even more rare), where as with TV it's more like 1 out of every 10 or 1 out of every 25.

But then again, that's not really the fault of the games, TV just allows for more creative freedom than games do, which sucks, because there are no doubt tons of awesome unique games that could be made if devs and publishers weren't pressured into making military shooter after military shooter.

Soldierone2316d ago

Its your opinion and I respect that, but for me TV shows are lacking as of late. I've tried to enjoy shows and what not, but the commercial breaks and long waiting between episodes throws me off.

The only show I put time aside and schedule to watch is The Walking Dead. I was trying to watch Falling Skies, but it has those filler episodes that suck. A lot of other shows feel really toned down, and don't even get me started on reality shows.....lmao

vickers5002316d ago

I do the majority of my tv show watching on Netflix, so there's no commercial breaks, and also, after watching 4 or 5 seasons back to back whenever I want, I'm fine with waiting a little while for the new ones to come on, it builds up anticipation for me.

I've only watched a little bit of Falling Skies, but I couldn't finish an episode, and that might not be an example of the best tv has to offer. But there are plenty of great tv shows out there lately, you just have to know where to look.

And yeah, I don't even watch a single reality tv show. But I bet you'd love TV a lot more than you do now if you were shown the good stuff.

Gigglefist2316d ago

Neither is better. They're different mediums. Sure, they're both visual arts, but that's about as far as it goes.

Psycho_PS3Truthh2316d ago

Playstation exclusives such as heavy rain and uncharted 2 can match any movie in society, also metal gear solid series as been delivering powerful story moments since the beginning of the remarkable franchise.

I cannot wait for beyond 2 souls which might be the first game to be nominated for an oscar award in both best female in a leading role and best motion picture. Lets face it the game is a complete fusion between interactivity and drama beyond even heavy rain.

It will be exclusive to the great PS3 forever

Irishguy952316d ago

I disagree, Uncharted is a good albeit cliche Action adventure flick if you were to give it a movie standard. Heavy rain is absolutely filled with plot holes/ Mgs, I agree it's story is awesome, however, in terms of storytelling, it's a game, it does not match up to watching a movie which is built around it's story and characters/ Games are built with gameplay in mind, for example, MGS has alot of breaks between story cutscenes. Besides Heavy Rain which is essentially an interactive movie/ where almost everything you do is cutscene/influencing the story.

As I said above, I believe they have their ups and downs. Movies generally won't be as fun as gaming, but they are better for telling stories/ Luckily as gamers, we like both gameplay and stories, so getting a mix of both is good for us. MGS3 is my favorite product in entertainment btw so don't take my comment the wrong way

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