High Moon Studios Explains Dinobot Origins in Fall of Cybertron, Plus Much More

AusGamers recently spoke with Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Game Director, Matt Tieger, about their forthcoming sequel as well as specifics on how they plan to write Dinobots into their series reimagining.

"Shockwave figures it out; he rediscovers it; starts looking through the cosmos for other worlds that he can steal energy from -- Energon -- and reboot Cybertron; he sees Earth," Tieger explains. "The twist is that he doesn’t see Earth today; he sees Earth when dinosaurs are stomping around, because that’s when this whole story is taking place -- millions of years in our past. So he sees these shapes; he catalogues them and thinks they’re kind of interesting, and then he realises that he can then convert Autobots into these shapes."

The interview also covers multiplayer, combat and pacing changes, plus much more...

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