The Five Best Superhero Video Games In Recent Memory | WGTC

Chad from We Got This Covered wrote:

"Superheroes provide video game developers with some of the best characters they could ever hope for. They’re well-established, well-known and a large percentage of our hobby’s enthusiasts are well-versed when it comes to comics’ most triumphant protectors. Add in the fact that many kids grow up dreaming of being their favourite heroes, and you have the reasons why superhero video games release to such high hopes. Not to mention why it’s so disappointing when they end up being terrible, broken and/or uninspired."

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versusALL2342d ago

Batman Arkham Asylum is probably one of my favorite games and I would list as one the greatest I've ever played.

dorron2341d ago

Agreed with 1,2 and 4. Others, I haven't tried.

Wedge10822341d ago

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions does not belong on a "best of" list.