Uncharted 3 Patch 1.13 to Contain An Exciting New System, New DLC and Gameplay Fixes

DualShock Nexus: Naughty Dog has a huge patch in store for Uncharted 3. So huge that all of the details can't be covered in just one blog post. 1.13 will include "an exciting new system", new DLC and gameplay fixes. You can expect the update to arrive some time around mid August.


The next update from Naughty Dog will be July 30th at the latest.

Two new legacy levels are coming.

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Them_Bones2044d ago

I already sold Uncharted 3.

flavorbabies2044d ago

I already reserved Uncharted 4.

Them_Bones2044d ago

That wasn't stupid at all.

fuzion17c2044d ago

Damn, haven't played UC3 in months. I might jump back into MP once that one dude that won the contest is available as a character.

rjdofu2044d ago

@Them_Bones: that's ironic.

FanboyPunisher2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

Contrats on being obsessed gamers.

N4G moderation isnt known here, just video game obsession correct? Flavorbabies, do you know what goes on in the world, outside video games?

You must really think you are nathan drake, damn video games have you hooked good boy. Mindless media sheep.

Biggest2043d ago


And you're supposed to be. . . ? Trick question! You're a nobody!

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NegativeCreep4272044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

It obviously doesn't concern you anymore. That's like window-shopping for rims for a car you don't have anymore.

Yeeeeaaaaah enough with the rationalization; you're just a lonely troll craving some attention.

Them_Bones2044d ago

Negative creep is awesome =D

Sgt_Slaughter2044d ago

SMH... Them_Bones, just take your ball and go home...

Old McGroin2043d ago

@ Sgt_Slaughter

"SMH... Them_Bones, just take your ball and go home..."

I'm sure he would if he hadn't already sold his ball ;)

Irishguy952043d ago

Maybe he's curious to the "exciting new system"?

Dee_912043d ago

obviously not if he didnt comment on the "exciting new system"
I just beat la noir yakuza and heavy rain again.Time for UC3 !

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FlunkinMonkey2043d ago

I was going to exchange U3 today, might have to hold onto it for a bit longer now..

2043d ago
geddesmond2043d ago

No cake for you then. Ah well if you were saying that in a dam I sold my version already way, then buy it again used for 20 bucks, if it was in a, SO I already sold UC3 cause it sucks kind of way then its your loss.

LAZL0-Panaflex2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

I agree. I feel the textures weren't as good in uncharted 3, killzone 3, or resistance 3 as their predecessors....I think because of the 3d being added.

Plus not only did uc2 look ALOT better, it played better. 28 kills in a match frequently. Now I'm lucky to go positive. Plus I had uc3 since launch and I only got to play Yemen twice....and that is/was the best map.

Nimblest-Assassin2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

Maps in u3 look better than u2. Character models took a hit though, but I'm guessing it's due to the customization

u2 pre patch was awesome, but after it was ruined. I hate games where whoever shoots first wins

love games like uncharted, halo and starhawk because you can fight back, rather than just dying. Loved u2 but won't go back to mp since it's still like that, but I will revisit three after the patch

Biggest2043d ago

"it played better. 28 kills in a match frequently. Now I'm lucky to go positive."

Wouldn't that mean YOU played better? Don't blame UC3 for your suck.

kikizoo2043d ago

..and buy some glasses : "look alot better" ridiculous :)....(same thing for kz3 and resistance3)

uc2 was the best consoles graphics, no competition, and nd succeeded to do better again.

LAZL0-Panaflex2043d ago

Sony slaves. Just being honest. Kz2 looked way better than kz3. Bilgarsk blvd only map that didnt look washed out. Resistance 1 and 2 had better textures but r3 had better colors and detail especially in the chimera.

You don't get much more unbiased than that without being a fanboy or a troll. Uncharted 3 the bald dudes had heads shaped like a stop sign. Look at the uc2 maps on uc3 version,...fort was the only one that looked better imo.

@biggest.......less kills in uc3 because of the flawed aiming system, that was mentioned in an early n4g article you probably chose not to read. Troll. By the way how does sony's crotch taste? Read my comment history, no trolling from me. Lifes to short to be defending yor preferred consoles, i bash all 3 and i compliment all 3.

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dgonza402044d ago

Wow, great patch adding trophies. Good reason to revisit the experience.

sandman2242044d ago

I hope it takes less shots to kill someone. I hate how sometimes you can shoot a whole clip into someone and they end up killing you with a couple of bullets

KingDustero2044d ago

Honestly that is just your isp. When I'm playing at my house, which has Verizon Fios, I have no issues with people being bullet sponges. At my friend's house, which just has DSL, people never die. So sorry, but there isn't much ND can do.

Anyways I can't wait. Imo uncharted 3's is the best mp this generation if not ever. Can't wait for more DLC, trophies and to see what this new system in. Hopefully it will add more levels.

Blackpool2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

Imo i think Uncharted 2 and Resistance 2 was the best.

tack1292044d ago

^ Would have been ok with it but you then mentioned that Resistance 2 was better.

geddesmond2043d ago

Stop with the its your ISP BS. Why is it that I can play loads of games with no problems with the same ISP but on games like UC3 and COD I can't. Its nothing to do with ISP's, but everything to do with crappy P2P connections and crappy match making systems. You know the crappy matchmaking systems that put you in games full of Japanese gamers or American gamers when you live in Europe and vice versa for those people.

spunkee3112043d ago

Best MP is a very BOLD statement. Considering the tons of glitches and stuff. Not to say its not fun. And not to say I don't play it. But I enjoyed UC2 a lot more.

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Dropdeadll2043d ago

Its probably because your missing a lot then when you stop to reload it's easier for them to kill u.