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Taiwanese gamer dies after 40 hours of Diablo III

Player Attack: The Lord of Terror has claimed another victim, after an 18-year old Taiwanese man collapsed and died following a 40 hour Diablo III marathon. (Culture, Diablo III, PC)

PoSTedUP  +   804d ago
so rest in peace to this veteran gamer.
Army_of_Darkness  +   804d ago
If i were to die during an activity.....
Please let it be during sex.
fr0sty  +   804d ago
Playing a video game for almost 2 days is not a fatal activity. This kid died from something else. If I can go party at a festival for days at a time with little or no sleep, I don't think a 40 hour stretch of gaming will kill me.
house  +   804d ago
exactly, im Dr house and i approve this message
ATi_Elite  +   804d ago
PC Gaming:

For Life!
WASD until I die!
CPu GPu until I'm DOA!
Let No man separate me from my KB/M!
I shall have no fear as i transfer data through the silicon in the Valley of Error Checking!

But you gotta take breaks, Eat, Drink, stretch, and run around. Sorry to hear this guy pass away but you can't sit and game for 40 hours straight thus depriving your body of exercise and nutrients.
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Bathyj  +   804d ago
Thats hardcore.
Dark11  +   804d ago
There is nothing hardcore about overloading yourself.
Them_Bones  +   804d ago
That's what she said.
Awesome_Gamer  +   804d ago
Kamikaze135  +   804d ago
Another one bites the dust
NYC_Gamer  +   804d ago
Its sad when gamers don't know when to take a break
WeskerChildReborned  +   804d ago
Yea, the people who can't control their gaming habits need some help.
pandehz  +   804d ago
I think im sensing a trend here.

Are these ppl trying to die while living to the xtreme...i mean lvlling to the extreme?
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karlowma  +   804d ago
Any undue loss of life is a tragedy, no matter how asinine the circumstances. It should definitely be policy in these internet cafes to instate some type of limitation to the time one can spend in a single session. That said, people do need to respect the limits of the human body, and exercise some moderation. Sad story all around.
Almir908  +   804d ago
Wow that's all you people can post for this man? No wonder the world is in shambles. A human being just died here and all you can post are things like "Another one bites the dust", "That's Hardcore", "Not a single **** was given", and " its sad when gamers don't know when to take break" give pity for this man and his family. Rest in peace and God bless his family. Honestly you guys don't even take death seriously. Doesn't matter how he died, he died.
TopDudeMan  +   804d ago
I'm not saying what these people are saying is right, but it does kind of matter how he died. It was entirely his own fault. I don't think I'm being unfair by saying that. That was an extremely idiotic thing to do.

And sadly, your heartbreaking comment does not lend any more to the cause of honouring this senseless death than any of the people who commented before you.
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darkgod  +   803d ago
oh well scks but we need to cut down the worlds humens anyways to many.
DazeLokrotan  +   804d ago
I'm with you bro. I hope these apathetic gamers will suffer a fate worse than his.

I know we won't miss them.
Bathyj  +   804d ago
Self preservation is an instinct nearly every lifeform possesses.

Dying while putting yourself in harms way is not a tragedy, its idiocy.

That means anyone who dies by jumping in front of a train, running with bulls, swimming with sharks, or gaming for 40 hours without eating and probably guzzling redbull does not deserve your sympathy.

Life is to be cherished, not neglected. Your actions define your reality and contribute to your outcome, and he did not do a very good job looking after himself, and ultimate responsibility must rest with the individual.

The world is in a shambles because no one puts their hand up and says I was in the wrong when something bad happens, they always look for someone else to blame. Whats the bet there will be fingers pointing at the cafe asking why they did nothing when it is totally this guys own lack of common sense that brought this all about.

And DazeLokrotan, that attitude just bewilders me.
You sympathise with a guy whose own action lead to his death, which I can understand, thats fine, but you wish other people dead for not caring about it, when he didnt care enough about himself to keep himself out of danger. Seems contradictory.
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Spinal  +   804d ago
Extremely well said. Exactly what i was thinking. +bubs/agree.
Ben Dover  +   804d ago
+1 to Bathyj. His words owned the hypocrites above him and I fully agree. I'm not gonna feel sorry for some guy who was reckless himself, clearly life was not valuable to him. Oh and Daze, if you jump off a building I'm pretty sure no one here would care either.. so go for it.
PS_Family  +   804d ago
Died like a true warrior.
2pacalypsenow  +   804d ago
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ChunkyLover53  +   804d ago
Like with anything else in the world, people are in charge of using moderation when they do things. Its things like this that give gaming and gamer's a bad reputation.
videoxgamexfanboy  +   804d ago
I'm starting to think these people do this shit on purpose...
Psycho_PS3Truthh  +   804d ago
If there is a game in society I must die playing is one that is on the Playstation. To die with a dual shock in my hands when I am hold is a death an old man deserve.
Skateboard  +   804d ago
Blizzard stop making games.
ylwzx3  +   804d ago
I would kill myself if I died playing Diablo 3.
PockyKing  +   804d ago
Idk how you can sit there for 40 hours of gaming. I can only stand sitting down in a chair for maybe an hour before I get up and move around. The fact that he went almost 48 hours with no drink is probably what got him. How the hell do you do that to yourself?

Thoughts with the family, but seriously, this isn't about a game causing a death, it's about people not paying attention to their health and well being. You could probably die from watching tv for 40 hours straight with no food or drink, or reading or doing homework for that amount of time.
Gen0ne  +   804d ago
Ok but prior behavior, before the gaming binge, was what? That's the actual cause of the unfortunate death. The gaming binge was just the last straw.
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Morgue  +   804d ago
Sounds like he " tied won on "

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