Taiwanese gamer dies after 40 hours of Diablo III

Player Attack: The Lord of Terror has claimed another victim, after an 18-year old Taiwanese man collapsed and died following a 40 hour Diablo III marathon.

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fr0sty2340d ago

Playing a video game for almost 2 days is not a fatal activity. This kid died from something else. If I can go party at a festival for days at a time with little or no sleep, I don't think a 40 hour stretch of gaming will kill me.

house2340d ago

exactly, im Dr house and i approve this message

ATi_Elite2340d ago

PC Gaming:

For Life!
WASD until I die!
CPu GPu until I'm DOA!
Let No man separate me from my KB/M!
I shall have no fear as i transfer data through the silicon in the Valley of Error Checking!

But you gotta take breaks, Eat, Drink, stretch, and run around. Sorry to hear this guy pass away but you can't sit and game for 40 hours straight thus depriving your body of exercise and nutrients.

Hufandpuf2340d ago ShowReplies(4)
Dark112340d ago

There is nothing hardcore about overloading yourself.

Kamikaze1352340d ago

Another one bites the dust

NYC_Gamer2340d ago

Its sad when gamers don't know when to take a break

WeskerChildReborned2340d ago

Yea, the people who can't control their gaming habits need some help.

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The story is too old to be commented.